《鷓鴣天》《小重山》《近事好》__李清照(1084-1155) 江紹倫英譯

《鷓鴣天》李清照(1084-1155)  《Tune: Partridge Sky》Li Qing Zhao

寒日蕭蕭上瑣窗  I shut out the noise of petal falls in the cold
梧桐應恨夜來霜  Plane trees should fear the night’s frosting cold
酒闌更喜團茶苦  Nearly tipsy I drink heavy tea for the bitter taste
夢斷偏宜瑞腦香  Awake from dreams I light up my fragrant censer in haste

秋已盡             Autumn gone
日猶長             Days long
仲宣懷遠更淒涼  The farther the legend poet roams the more he feels forlorn
不如隨分尊前醉  An easy drinker should know the harm of excessive drinking
莫負東籬菊蕊黃  And remember how Tao Qian loved daisies and simple living Continue reading

李清照 (1085-1156) 小重山

李清照 (1085-1156)


春到長門春草青  紅梅些子破  未開勻
碧雲籠碾玉成塵  留曉夢  驚破一甌春
花影壓重門  疏簾鋪淡月  好黃昏
二年三度負東君  歸來也  著意過今春

Li Qing Zhao (1085-1156)   江紹倫譯

Tune: Manifold Hills

Spring arrives at our doors the grass is green
Early mume blossoms seen
Uneven bursts

Emerald tea fine as jade dust on steam
Keeping my morning dream
I wake up surprised to find a beautiful spring

Heavy flower shades caress all doors
Translucent screens let in lambent moon tours
A beautiful eve

You had missed this delight thrice o’er two years
Whence home again
Do stay through this our spring

采桑子 李清照(1084-1155)

晚來一陣風兼雨  洗盡炎光
理罷笙簧  卻對菱花淡淡妝

絳綃縷薄冰肌瑩  雪膩酥香
笑語檀郎  今夜紗櫥枕簟涼

Tune: Picking Mulberries   Li Qing Zhao (1084-1155)  江紹倫譯

A gust of wind and rain windup the lingering day
Washing the summer heat away
Her Sheng performance elicits music with such grace
Then beautifies her face light with not a makeup trace

Under a rosy thin dress her crystal-white skin is seen
Radiating an icy fragrance intimating hints
She whispers to her lover beaming with delight
The mat and pillow will be cool tonight

永遇樂 李清照 (1084-1155)


永遇樂  李清照 (1084-1155)  Tune: Sound Union Happiness  Li Qing Zhao   江紹倫譯
落日鎔金 The sun sets like molten gold
暮雲合璧 Evening clouds marbling cold
人在何處 Darling where are you
染柳煙濃 Dense smoke keeps willows in dye
吹梅笛怨 Sad tunes for mum blossoms the flute sighs
春意知幾許 Whence will spring arrive
元宵佳節 On Lantern Festival
融和天氣 Weather agreeable
次第豈無風雨 Wind and rain will follow
來相召 I thank friends of verses and wine
香車寶馬 Sending scented carriage steeds divine
謝他酒朋詩侶  In vain they invite
中州盛日 Remember happy days in the Capital
閨門多暇 Gathering in my home so pleasurable
記得偏重三五 Friends selected few and valuable
鋪翠冠兒 Heads topped with emerald
撚金雪柳 Filigree in gold
簇帶爭濟楚 Fashions vied invariable
如今憔悴 Now in languid air
風鬟霜鬢 With frosty disheveled hair
怕見夜間出去 I fear being seen in eve affairs
不如向簾兒底下 Preferring to lean behind window screen
聽人笑語 To listen others chat and laugh unseen

訴衷情 李清照 (1084-1155)


訴衷情   李清照 (1084-1155) Revealing Inner Feelings     Li Qing Zhao     江紹倫譯
夜來沈醉卸妝遲 Heavily drunk I undress late last night
梅萼插殘枝 Keeping the withered mum in my hair nigh
酒醒熏破春睡 Sobering the sweet scent wakes me from sleep
夢斷不成歸 In my dream my homeland in memory keep
人悄悄 Silently silently I remain
月依依 Lingering the moon stays
翠簾垂 Lowly the curtain unrolled
更挪殘蕊 I crush dry petals with my finger tip
更拈餘香 To keep the sweet scent in hold
更得些時 Waiting for time to go

攤破浣溪沙 (宋) 李清照 (1084-1156)

Tune: Silk-Washing Stream, Broken Form      Li Qing Zhao (1084-1156)  江紹倫譯Following extended illness grey hair on my temples easily seen
In my sick bed I see the waning moon through the window screen
Why boil water burning twigs with cardouron seeds
For taking medicine no need

On pillows poetry books are best placed for convenient reading
Outside my door the scenery is best when raining
I enjoy my neighbour’s wines and caring
Osmanthus flowers

《醉花阴》* (宋) 李清照

Tune: “Drunk under the Shade of Flowers”          Li Qingzhao (1084-1156) 


Tr. YK Chan 陈耀国译 

Worries shroud me like thin mists and heavy clouds all day long,

Incense in the bronze burner will soon be gone.

Another fine Chongyang Festival again,

 midnight chill encroaches this jade pillow and canopied bed, where I’m torn.

Wine in hand by the mum grove after dusk,

  a subtle fragrance permeates to adorn.

Isn’t it not a time to yearn? Window drape undulates in frigid breeze;

  to the yellow flow’r I’m more gaunt.


* For a video exposé in Mandarin, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GzrlmYRjmg

鳳凰台上憶吹簫 (宋)李清照 (1084-1156)

香冷金猊  被翻紅浪  起來慵自梳頭

任寶奩塵滿  日上簾鉤
生怕離懷別苦  多少事  欲說還休
新來瘦  非干病酒  不是悲秋

休休  這回去也  千萬遍陽關  也則難留
念武陵人遠  煙鎖秦樓
惟有樓前流水  應念我  終日凝眸
凝眸處  從今又添  一段新愁


Recalling Our Flute Duet At Phoenix Terrace    Li Qing-zhao (1084-1156)           江紹倫譯

Cold incense resting in the censer in gold
I tossed in bed sleepless my quilt in waves of red folds
Idly I get up to comb my hair slow

Let dusts gather in my dresser full
Let the sun creeps up the drape closed

Seized by fears of parting and separation pain
A lot need be said
Words disappeared before they could be let

Recently I have lost much weight
Not due to excessive drinking
Nor because of autumn feeling

Be as it may be as it may
However we sing the parting song you will leave anyway
I’ll hold you dear however far you may stray
From my bower engulfed in haze

The stream near home its flow will continue
Standing witness of how I pine for you
Gazing in absence day after day
Where I fix my gaze
A new grief begins hence to stay 

聲聲慢 李清照(1084-1151)



Tune:  Adagio        Li Qing Zhao            江紹倫譯

I search and search for what’s missing
Riding on a cold lonely train hissing
Drearily hurtfully painfully

Whence the weather alternates between warm and cold
‘Tis most difficult to forget and hold

Drinking by cups and carafes alone I float
Cannot dispel the gloom of dusk and drifts of sudden blow
I watch geese flying pass
In grief
Could they be the ones I used to know

             …   …   …

Yellow flowers cover everywhere in piles
Who would care to pick any to hold

I sit by the window in solitude
Waiting counting how long will it take till night befall
Of plane trees and drizzles
They patter and grizzle at dusk

For all these
How could the word sorrow my circumstances narrate

南歌子 李清照(1084-1151)



Tune:  Southern Country Song         Li Qing Zhao        江紹倫譯

On high the Milky Way veers
On earth window drapes fall low
Tears wet the pillow and the mat is cold
I wake from sleep to adjust my clothes
Wondering how long this night has to go 

The green on my robe tells the budding lotus seeds
Gold threads fade where embroidered leaves are seen
In old weathers I wear clothes old
Moods remain
‘Tis not the same as moods of old