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《浣溪沙》盧炳 (宋)

《Tune: Silky Sand Brook》 Lu Bing (Song Dynasty)

水閣無塵午晝長  At the water chamber on the lake days are long and free
薰風十里藕花香  Sweet scent from cooked lotus roots scatters ten li
一番疏雨釀微涼  A momentary drizzle keeps cool the vicinity

旋點新茶消睡思  To dispel catnap thoughts I ask for fresh tea
不將醽醁惱待腸  And refrain from drinking spirits for poetic activity
闌干倚遍挹湖光  I visit rails around the lake to enjoy its total beauty

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《銀雹泉》黃秉坤(?) __ 江紹倫英譯

《銀雹泉》黃秉坤(?)  《Yin Bao Spring》Huang Bing Kun

愛汲新泉自煮茶  I love to brew my own tea with water from a new spring
一睹魚蟹眼生花  And watch fish and crab eyes in the broth swing
此間便足消煩熱  All my worries disappear in a moment like this
豈必清門學种瓜  Why need I learn to grow melons to please

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《茗飲》元好問(1190-1257) __ 江紹倫英譯

《Tea Drinks》Yuan Wen Hao(1190_1257)

宿酲未破厭觥船  Drunk through the night I dislike the rocking boat
紫筍分封入曉煎  I brew the Purple Tips at dawn to fill my bowl
槐火石泉寒食後  Charcoal fires boil the spring water after Cold Meal Fest
鬢絲禪榻落花前  My scanty hairs mix with petals on my Zen bed rest Continue reading

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《友之越贈以惠泉》高啟 (1336-1374)__江紹倫英譯

《友之越贈以惠泉》高啟 (1336-1374)
《A Gift of Hui Spring in Parting》Gao Qi (1336-1374)

雲液流甘漱石牙  Rain drops from clouds keep tea buds tender
潤通錫麓樹增華  Given moisture mountain trees flower
汲來曉冷和山雨  In early morning I scoop water cool with mountain rain
飲處春香帶間花  Drinking it I savor the fragrance of blooms in spring Continue reading

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《Tune: Silky Sand Brook》Hong Xi Wen (1282-1366)

獨坐書齋日正中  At midday I sit in my study at leisure
平生三昧試茶功  To try my art in brewing tea to produce the three wonders
起看水火自爭雄  Behold water and fire compete to make their effects greater

勢挾怒濤翻急雪  Roaring waves swell into hurrying snows
韻勝甘露透香風  Rhythms of sweet broths emit fragrant blows
晚涼月色照孤松  In the cool eve a bright moon teases a lonely pine in sorrow

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《題事茗圖》唐寅(1470-1524) __江紹倫英譯

《For the Brewing Tea Painting》Tang Yin (1470-1524)

日長何所事  What could I do on a long day
茗碗自賚持  Holding a tea bowl to appreciate so gay
料得南窗下  In the southern window I expect to see
清風滿鬢絲  My hair floating with the vernal breeze

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《趙州吃茶》黃龍慧南禪師(1002-1069) __ 江紹倫英譯

《Zhao Zhou Eat Tea》Huang Long Hui Nam(1002-1069)

相逢相遇知來歷  People meet and enquire each other’s credentials
不揀親疏便與茶  I serve tea regardless of relationship far or close
翻憶憧憧往來者  Searching my memory on all people in my encounter
忙忙誰辨滿甌花  How many knew the quality of a bowl of tea I wonder

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《食罷》白居易(772-846) __江紹倫英譯

《After a Meal》Bai Juyi(772-846)

食罷一覺睡  Taking a nap after a meal
起來兩甌茶  Getting up later and have two bowls of tea
舉頭看日影  I raise my head to watch the sun light
已复西南斜  Toward the southwest the sun has reclined Continue reading

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《From The Book of Odes 詩經》__ 江紹倫英譯

《邶風*谷風 (部分)》
《Valley Gusts * Voice of a Rejected Wife Songs from Hebei (in parts)》

習習谷風  Gusts in the valley rampant
以陰以雨  Clouds shade and rain incessant
黽勉同心  I try my best to unite you and me
不宜有怒  And not allow angers to interfere
採葑採菲  Like gathering a radish root and leaf
無以下體  We must not favor just the green leaves
德音莫違  Remember our vows together
及爾同死  To grow old till death divides us forever Continue reading

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《意難忘*山家》吳偉業 (1609-1671) __ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Unforgettable Meaning*Mountain People》Wu Wei Ye

村塢雲遮         The village tower is hidden by the clouds
有蒼藤老幹     Dark verdant vines hover about
翠竹明沙         On sandy soils green bamboos tower
溪堂連石穩     Streams and pebbles seemingly hidden
苔徑逐籬斜     Mossy paths lead to fences fallen
文木幾                         Finely carved tables
小窗紗                         Silky curtains
是好事人家     Home for a family noble
啟北扉                         Opening the northern window
移床待客         Preparing the guest chamber
百樹梅花         Hundreds of plum flowers appear Continue reading

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