《與諸子登峴山》《臨洞庭上張丞相》《夏日辨玉法師茅齋》孟浩然(689-740) __ 江紹倫英譯

《與諸子登峴山》《Up Mt. Xian with Friends》Meng Hao Ran

人事有代謝  Human affairs go through vicissitudes
往來成古今  They rise and recede so history constitutes
江山留勝跡  Immortal sites remain bright in hills and rills
我輩復登臨  We visit them to admire and feel Continue reading

《夏日南亭懷辛大》 孟浩然 (689-740) 江紹倫英譯

Pining for a Friend in summer Meng Hao Ran (689-740)   江紹倫譯

山光忽西落  Daylight fades abruptly beyond the west hill
池月漸東上  Up from the eastern waters the moon climbing still
散發乘夕涼  I loosen my hair to enjoy the cool night
開軒臥閒敞  Leaving window open I lie in bed so nigh
荷風送香氣  From the lotus pond the breeze brings a wonderful fragrance
竹露滴清響  From bamboo tops dews drip their sound so softly clear
欲取鳴琴彈  How I like to play my lute merry here
恨無知音賞  But I know no music lover is around to share
感此懷故人  So I pine for you my friend dear
中宵勞夢想  In my dream tonight you will appear

《宴梅道士山房》 孟浩然 (689-740) __ 江紹倫英譯

宴梅道士山房           孟浩然 (689-740)tangcalligraphy

林臥愁春盡    搴帷覽物華    忽逢青鳥使    邀入赤松家
金灶初開火    仙桃正發花    童顏若可駐    何惜醉流霞

A Feast with Monk Mei up the Mountain    Meng Hao Ran(689-740)

Awake in the forest I loath that spring will cease to be an entity
From the open curtain I marvel on nature’s splendid beauty
A legend bluebird arrives suddenly bringing a message
Invitation for me to visit the Immortal Red Pine Village
The burning furnace is set to freely flame
The Legendary Peach is showing its bursting bloom
If you wish childhood looks to last forever
Let’s be drunk with the immortal nectar

《早寒有怀》– 孟浩然 (689-740)__江紹倫英譯

Thoughts on Early Cold Weather  Meng Hao Ran  

木落雁南度  Geese fly southbound as trees shed their leaves
北风江上寒  The north wind arrives rivers turn chilly
我家襄水曲  Where the Xian River turns is my native land
遥隔楚云端  Far into Chu country where clouds end
乡泪客中尽  Long I rove tears from homesickness cease to roll
归帆天际看  A lone sail seen in the horizon it aimlessly floats
迷津欲有问  If I should ask for my way home
平海夕漫漫  Night covers the sea on a pace of its own

《留別王維 》– 孟浩然 (689-740) __江紹倫英譯

《Leaving Wang Wei》  Meng Hao Ran (689-740)  

寂寂竟何待  How forlornly will I wait
朝朝空自歸  With a grieving heart day after day
欲尋芳草去  How I wish to find my friend dear
惜與故人違  Only to regret missing you here
當路誰相假  People in high office will not apprehend
知音世所稀  Bosom friends are hard to find in this land
只應守寂寞  I should be content to lead a solitary life
還掩故園扉  And stay behind closed doors in my native land

《宿業師山房待丁大不至》 孟浩然 (689-740) 江紹倫譯

Overnight at Master Ye’s Lodge up the Mountain Meng Hao Ran(689-740)  江紹倫譯

夕陽度西嶺Lost behind the western peak the sun vanishes meek sunset

群壑倏已暝The valleys around suddenly become bleak

松月生夜涼A rising moon cools the pine trees the night is chill

風泉滿清聽The music of springs on wind’s wings has our ears filled

樵人歸欲盡Nearly all woodcutters have found their ways home

煙鳥棲初定Birds are safely roosted wherever in the brume

之子期宿來Hearing of your coming to spend the night here

孤琴候蘿徑Holding my zither I watch for you to appear

《过故人庄》 孟浩然 (689-740) 江紹倫譯

《过故人庄》    孟浩然 (689-740)   江紹倫譯

Visiting an Old Friend in the Country
故人Meng Hao Ran (689-740) 江紹倫譯

故人具鸡黍  My old friend prepares food chicken and all

邀我至田家  Inviting me to visit him in his country hall

绿树村边合  His house sits on the edge of a lush green wood

青山郭外斜  Closely logged to a blue mountain foot

开轩面场圃  From his window fields and fields can be seen

把酒话桑麻  We chat between drinks on how crops grow so green

待到重阳日  Whence comes the Double Nine Festival next year

还来就菊花  I will again come to enjoy the chrysanthemums for sure

夜歸鹿門山歌 (唐)孟浩然

山寺鐘鳴晝已昏        漁梁渡頭爭渡喧
人隨沙路向江村        餘亦乘舟歸鹿門
鹿門月照開煙樹        忽到龐公棲隱處
岩扉松徑長寂寥        惟有幽人夜來去

Returning to Deer Gate by Night      Meng Hao Ran                        江紹倫譯

Temple bells toll vespers to end the day
Commuters scramble for the ferry to Shoal Bay
As folks walk along the sandbank home in the fishing village
I board my boat for Deer Gate my humble vestige
Whence the moon shines to lead me through the woods
I shortly come to pass the cabin Hermit Pang used to hang his hood
A path shaded by friendly pine ends at a cave’s lonely door
Here many a solitary soul cares to come and go

Home to Deer-Gate at Night       tr By Father John Turner

A mountain temple tolls the end of day;
At Weir-Bridge Ford late crowds vociferate;
Along the sands they take their homeward way,
And I sail in my boat home to Deer-Gate.

The Deer-Gate moon shines on a forest haze:
Here is the site the Ancient Hermit chose:
Through rocky door and silent pine-fringed ways
Only the solitary comes and goes.

宿建德江 孟浩然

移舟泊烟渚  日暮客愁新
野曠天低樹  江清月近人

Mooring on Jiande River      江紹倫  譯

I moor my boat by the misty rivershore
Renewing grief haunt me when the sun is seen no more
The vastness of this unending plain dwarfs tall trees
While deep in the crystal clear river the moon is near me

《春曉》 孟浩然

春眠不覺曉 處處聞啼鳥
夜來風雨聲 花落知多少

Waking Up in Spring         tr (2003) by Gertrude Chan

Lazily dozing off on a day in spring
Waking up to find everywhere sweet birds sing
At nightfall the wind whistles and rain drizzling
Any idea how many flowers and petals keep falling

At Dawn on a Spring Day      江紹倫  譯- November 20, 2009 at 5:23 am

I linger in bed contentedly this spring morn
While birds everywhere busily chirp to warn
After the slashing all night by winds and showers
Who cares to count the number of fallen flowers

Spring Dawn–Meng Haoran    ykchanNovember 28, 2009 at 8:46 pm

Daybreak wakes me not in springtime
but I hear birds sing everywhere like a chime
Throughout a noisy stormy night
downs many a flower and its kind