《From The Book of Odes 詩經》__ 江紹倫英譯

《邶風*谷風 (部分)》
《Valley Gusts * Voice of a Rejected Wife Songs from Hebei (in parts)》

習習谷風  Gusts in the valley rampant
以陰以雨  Clouds shade and rain incessant
黽勉同心  I try my best to unite you and me
不宜有怒  And not allow angers to interfere
採葑採菲  Like gathering a radish root and leaf
無以下體  We must not favor just the green leaves
德音莫違  Remember our vows together
及爾同死  To grow old till death divides us forever

行道遲遲  Slowly I will be on my way
中心有違  My heart aches as I sway
不遠伊邇  I shall not be too far away
薄送我畿  Will you bid me adieu at the doorway
誰謂荼苦  Who says tea broths are bitter
其甘如薺  To me they are sweet as warm comforter
宴爾新昏  Serving tea on your new wedding day
如兄如弟  Like loving siblings you two appear

《豳風 * 七月(部分)》
《Songs from Shanxi * Peasant Life (Parts)》

六月食鬱及薁  In the sixth moon plums and grapes come along
七月烹葵及菽  In the seventh we cook beans and mallows so fond
八月剝棗         In the eighth moon we collect dates to treat
十月獲稻         In the tenth we harvest rice fragrant and neat
為此春酒         We use rice to brew wine the best
以介眉壽         To wish our elders long life happiest
七月食瓜         In the seventh moon we eat melons every day
八月斷壺         In the eighth with gourds containers we make
九月叔苴         In the ninth we put hemp seeds away for the year
採荼薪樗         And cut firewood and gather tea leaves
食我農夫         These are provisions of farmers as we wish

《大雅*綿 (部分)》
《Book of Epics*The Continued Migration (in parts)》

周原膴膴  The plain of Zhao fertile and a huge sweep
堇荼如飴  Tea plants are seen their leaves sweet
爰始爰謀  He asked his followers to speak their minds
爰契我龜  They used tortoise shells to implore the divine
曰止曰時  You can happily settle the gods say
築室于茲  And build homes here to create a new age

乃慰乃止  Together they settled in the land
乃左乃右  And strived to cultivate and to plan
乃疆乃理  They surveyed the area and divide and share
乃宣乃畝  And cultivated and dug ditches to irrigate
自西徂東  From east to west a fine farmland became a reality

周爰執事  The whole community got busy to promote productivity

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