《From The Book of Odes 詩經》__ 江紹倫英譯

《邶風*谷風 (部分)》
《Valley Gusts * Voice of a Rejected Wife Songs from Hebei (in parts)》

習習谷風  Gusts in the valley rampant
以陰以雨  Clouds shade and rain incessant
黽勉同心  I try my best to unite you and me
不宜有怒  And not allow angers to interfere
採葑採菲  Like gathering a radish root and leaf
無以下體  We must not favor just the green leaves
德音莫違  Remember our vows together
及爾同死  To grow old till death divides us forever Continue reading

《詩經 鄭風》女曰雞鳴

《詩經 鄭風》女曰雞鳴

女曰雞鳴     士曰昧旦     子興視夜
明星有爛     將翱將翔     弋鳧與鴈

弋言加之     與子宜之     宜言飲酒
與子偕老     琴瑟在御     莫不靜好

知子之來之   雜佩以贈之
知子之順之   雜佩以問之
知子之好之   雜佩以報之

Hark Crows the Cock          Book of Poetry  江紹倫譯

Hark crows the cock maiden says
‘Tis not yet dawn man says
Why not rise to watch the night sky
And see stars shining bright
Wild geese and ducks soar and fly
I will bring them down from high

Shooting games you are good
Cooking them I’ll make fine food
Together let us share this wine
Together we will grow old so fine
With zither by our side
Harmony we shall abide

I know you will tenderly care
Pearls are yours to wear
I know you will willingly obey
How could pearls ever repay
I know your committal love
Nothing more shall I ask