Sampling Islamic Culture by YK Chan

I.M. Pei designed the Islamic Art Museum, which opened in 2008 in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Islamic culture spanned three continents at its peak. For those who have not ventured overseas to the Islamic world, they can have a taste of the rich Islamic art and culture within Canada in Burnaby, BC, or Toronto, ON, where two Ismaili Centres are situated.

The Ismaili Centre in Toronto was opened one year ago. I recently had a chance to visit it and its adjoining Aka Khan Museum, which are located at a convenient site in Don Mills, standing out as a remarkable architecbtural landmark. One can browse the Museum web site (Aga Khan Museum) for detailed information on its events or booking a free guided tour of the Centre. Admission is free after 16h00 on Wednesdays.

The following are some photos I took during my visit.

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《圖文並詠落基山國家公園》__ 余晃英 (61)

photo1 photo2 photo4 photo5
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(其一)                                                              (其二)

麗日藍天路豁開   風馳電掣不快哉                 七月繁花不沾塵   好山好水倍銷魂

湖光山色飽饗眼   人間仙境入鏡來(1)          解道此身非我有   何妨長作班芙人(2)

(1)鏡,鏡頭                                                       (2)班芙Banff

《CCCC Day 24 — In GTA》__ Bonbon Hu (65)

Cross-Canada coast to coast  Day 24BB1

June 23, 2014.

In GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

Got to sleep in this morning till 7:30am. With no agenda today, it was nice. I was even able to read Toronto Star while having coffee.

I took an afternoon nap, and it was great. I didn’t realize that I needed it.

After consultation with friends, family and my better half, Margaret, I have decided that this will be the final stop of the CCCC. So this would be the final entry of the blog. Continue reading