《CCCC Day 24 — In GTA》__ Bonbon Hu (65)

Cross-Canada coast to coast  Day 24BB1

June 23, 2014.

In GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

Got to sleep in this morning till 7:30am. With no agenda today, it was nice. I was even able to read Toronto Star while having coffee.

I took an afternoon nap, and it was great. I didn’t realize that I needed it.

After consultation with friends, family and my better half, Margaret, I have decided that this will be the final stop of the CCCC. So this would be the final entry of the blog.

It was going to rain later this evening, and likely tomorrow. So, I have enough of riding through the rain or the roasting sun for another 7 – 8 days to get home. So, I shall spend those 7 – 8 days in GTA as a vacation, and then fly home. The motorcycle will be serviced and then shipped home.

People asked me how I could ride 8 – 10 hours a day. I think it was a sum total of my past Leavingtraining.

1. Being a dentist for 41 years, I was mostly in a sitting position, fully focussed, with hand-eye co-ordination. I would do a patient 1 at a time, about 1 hour each. So my riding is about in 1 hour segments, then a pit stop. Like going for another patient appointment. Meanwhile the brain is always alert.

2. Martial arts training, of being able to take discomforts. Lots of training on perseverance and indomitable spirit.

3. TaiChi training. I was able to have my hands attached to the handle bar without any change of position even if the rest of my body was blown sideways by gusts of wind, or if I want to wriggle and change my leg and buttock positions in mid ride.

4. Stupidity????

It was a great trip. I met the nicest people.

OK! Time to party!


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