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菩薩蠻 李清照(1084-1151)

風柔日薄春猶早      夾衫乍著心情好      睡起覺微寒   梅花鬢上殘

故鄉何處是    忘了除非醉    沈水臥時燒    香消酒未消

Tune:  Buddhist Dancer         Li Qing Zhao                   江紹倫譯

Gentle breeze and a pale sun signal an early spring
Wearing lined clothes I feel life is warm and pink
Awake from sleep a mild chill still invades
The white mume on my hair fades

Where is my homeland
Only when drunk can I forget this empty feeling
I light incense before I retire to bed at night
In the morning the incense gone but not my drunkenness

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一翦梅 李清照(1084-1151)

紅藕香殘玉簟秋   輕解羅裳   獨上蘭舟   雲中誰寄錦書來   雁字回時   月滿西樓

花自飄零水自流  一種相思  兩處閒愁  此情無計可消除  才下眉頭  卻上心頭 

Tune: A Twig of Mume       Li Qing Zhao (1084-1151)     江紹倫譯 

Pink lotus its fragrance fades on a mat of jade
I doff my silk robe
To board alone on an orchid boat
From among the clouds who would send me a letter written on brocade
Whence the geese return
Moonlight will fill my bower

In nature flowers drift as water flows
One single agog
Heartbreaks in two places
How to dismiss this sorrow I know not
It may disappear from eyebrow knit
But sinks into my aching heart deep

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如夢令 李清照(1084-1151)


Tune: Like a Dream               Li Qing Zhao (1084-1151)             江紹倫譯 

Last night rain fell intermittently with sudden blows
I slept soundly without finishing my remaining fine brew
This morning I ask my maid who is rolling up the screen
The geraniums are fine she says with a beam
D’you know
D’you know
They ought to grow leaves thick and green and red stems lean

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漁家傲 李清照(1084-1151)



Tune Fisherman’s Pride            Li Qing Zhao (1084-1151)           江紹倫譯

Waves of cloud and morning mist adjoin to paint the sky
The Milky Way turns to elicit a thousand sails dance
Dreamy my soul seems to have returned home in heaven
From voices on high
I was asked in earnest where I wish to go

I say ‘tis far far place I would go save the sun is old
My poems are full of verses that shake people’s souls
The legend big bird sails the wind to go ninety thousand li
O wind don’t you stop
My boat will sail through the mountain-bound divine sea

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醉花陰 李清照(1084-1151)

薄霧濃雲愁永晝   瑞腦消金獸   佳節又重陽   玉枕紗廚   半夜涼初透

東籬把酒黃昏後    有暗香盈袖     莫道不消魂     簾卷西風    人似黃花瘦

Tune: Drunk Under Flower Shade           Li Qing Zhao (1084-1151)        江紹倫譯

Amid thin mist or thick clouds my sorrows linger night and day
The inlaid animals on my censer play with the incense smoke so gay
‘Tis Double Nine Fest season again
Behind the translucent drapes my jade pillow lay
By midnight chills mercilessly invade

In the evening I drink by the eastern flower hedge
My sleeves filled with fragrance
Who could say this life is not bright and easy
Whence wind from the west uprolls my curtains
Behold my face pale and I am thinner than yellow flowers

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