《The Fisherman by W.B. Yeats》__ 江紹倫(53)中譯

《The Fisherman by W.B. Yeats》

Although I can see him still—雖然我仍認得他
The freckled man who goes那滿臉雀斑的他
To a gray place on a hill習慣前往迷濛山地
In gray Connemara clothes身穿康瑪拉粗衣
At dawn to cast his flies—在晨曦中揮竿釣魚
It’s long since I began如今過了一段時間
To call up to the eyes當我記起
This wise and simple man.這樸實智者
All day I’d looked in the face我整天向那張臉凝視 Continue reading

《Her Triumph by W.B. Yeats》__江紹倫(53)中譯


I did the dragon’s will until you came 你到來之前我一直順從天龍
I had fancied love a casual 曾經幻想愛情是逢場作戲
Improvisation, or a settled game 互相妥協或者由緣指定
That followed if I let the kerchief fall: 發生在放下手帕的遊戲
Those deeds were best that gave the minute wings 那事兒叫人一時高飛
And heavenly music if they gave it wit; 或由天範之曲巧妙和鳴
And then you stood among the dragon-rings. 你驟然出現在天龍界裏
I mocked, being crazy, but you mastered it 我在調侃中為你着迷
And broke the chain and set my ankles free, 但你解開愛的鎖鏈還我自由
Saint George or else a pagan Perseus; 如聖喬治或那無神的皮休士
And now we stare astonished at the sea, 我們如今愕然凝視大海
And a miraculous strange bird shrieks at us. 聽那隻怪鳥對我們凄厲尖叫

《Coole and Bally Lee 1931 by W.B, Yeats》__江紹倫(53) 中譯

一九三一年於闊園寓所   (葉慈)

Under my window-ledge the waters race, 河水在我窗楣下奔流
Otters below and moor-hens on the top, 水底的河獺上浮着赤松鳼
Run for a mile undimmed in Heaven’s face 日光照耀在河水奔流一里
Then darkening through ‘dark’ Raftery’s ‘cellar’ drop, 通過鄰家的地窖暗然下注
Run underground, rise in a rocky place 奔向地下又升回石岩平台
In Coole demesne, and there to finish up 到逹闊園即完成河流
Spread to a lake and drop into a hole. 流水在湖中尋找洞穴
What’s water but the generated soul? 水為何物無非是創生靈魂 Continue reading

《My House by W.B. Yeats/葉慈》 江紹倫 (53) 中譯

《My House by W.B. Yeats/葉慈》

An ancient bridge, and a more ancient tower, 古橋那邊是一座更古的塔樓
A farmhouse that is sheltered by its wall, 一間農舍在圍牆內面
An acre of stony ground, 有一畝石地
Where the symbolic rose can break in flower, 薔薇在象徵綻放
Old ragged elms, old thorns innumerable, 數棵老榆樹在荊棘叢中拔起
The sound of the rain or sound 雨聲清洌
Of every wind that blows; 伴同風的每次吹拂
The stilted water-hen 長腳水禽戲水
Crossing stream again 在溪裏來回
Scared by the splashing of a dozen cows; 被一群牛濺水驚起 Continue reading

《The Lake Isle of Innisfree》by W. B. Yeats (1865 – 1939)__ 江紹倫中譯


《因尼斯夫莉湖島》()__ 江紹倫中譯 

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made;
Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee,
And live alone in the bee-loud glade.
逍遙獨居在嗡的林地  Continue reading

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