《Coole and Bally Lee 1931 by W.B, Yeats》__江紹倫(53) 中譯

一九三一年於闊園寓所   (葉慈)

Under my window-ledge the waters race, 河水在我窗楣下奔流
Otters below and moor-hens on the top, 水底的河獺上浮着赤松鳼
Run for a mile undimmed in Heaven’s face 日光照耀在河水奔流一里
Then darkening through ‘dark’ Raftery’s ‘cellar’ drop, 通過鄰家的地窖暗然下注
Run underground, rise in a rocky place 奔向地下又升回石岩平台
In Coole demesne, and there to finish up 到逹闊園即完成河流
Spread to a lake and drop into a hole. 流水在湖中尋找洞穴
What’s water but the generated soul? 水為何物無非是創生靈魂

Upon the border of that lake’s a wood 一片樹林轟立在湖邊
Now all dry sticks under a wintry sun, 在冬陽蕭殺下但見枯槁處處
And in a copse of beeches there I stood, 我佇立在山毛櫸叢一旁
For Nature’s pulled her tragic buskin on 親見大自然上演一台悲劇
And all the rant’s a mirror of my mood: 各種喧囂反照我的心境
At sudden thunder of the mounting swan 天鵝群升空響起一聲迅雷
I turned about and looked where branches break 我應聲回頭遙見樹枝紛紛打斷
The glittering reaches of the flooded lake. 那盈滿的湖水閃耀在遠方

Another emblem there! That stormy white 另一景象婉如陣陣白色風暴
But seems a concentration of the sky; 凝聚在天空的光華
And, like the soul, it sails into the sight 好似靈魂馳向我眼前
And in the morning’s gone, no man knows why; 跟隨晨早而去無人知情
And is so lovely that it sets to right 如此美妙導寫一切
What knowledge or its lack had set awry, 甚麼知識還是過錯
So atrogantly pure, a child might think 如是傲漫純真如小孩
It can be murdered with a spot of ink. 相信一點墨水足以寫清

Sound of a stick upon the floor, a sound 樹枝落地發放聲音
From somebody that toils from chair to chair; 是某人更換崗位的聲音
Beloved books that famous hands have bound, 珍貴的藏書由名工匠裝訂成帙
Old marble heads, old pictures everywhere; 古老的大理石雕像到處可見
Great rooms where travelled men and children found 優雅的房間讓大小主人盡享歡樂
Content or joy; a last inheritor 終極的室內裝飾沒有名堂
Where none has reigned that lacked a name and fame 無人主治或誇張榮譽
Or out of folly into folly came. 庸碌而來又平凡存在

A spot whereon the founders lived and died 創業主人生死於斯
Seemed once more dear than life; ancestral trees, 其音容不如場景感動人心
Or gardens rich in memory glorified 古樹和園地喚起多少記憶
Marriages, alliances and families, 婚禮盟誓與家世
And every bride’s ambition satisfied. 每一位新娘都願望成
Where fashion or mere fantasy decrees 不論由時尚或幻想導向
We shift about – all that great glory spent – 男人四處遊蕩消磨時光
Like some poor Arab tribesman and his tent. 一如可憐的阿拉伯人及其篷帳

We were the last romantics – chose for theme 我們曾是最後的浪漫主義信徒
Traditional sanctity and loveliness 堅守傳統的聖潔和審美主張
Whatever’s written in what poets name 那些詩歌不究詩人誰屬
The book of the people; whatever most can bless 皆是人民的詩冊
The mind of man or elevate a rhyme; 那些最能祝福心靈的詩韻
But all is changed, that high horse riderless, 俱變矣留下良駒沒有騎
Where the swan drifts upon a darkening flood. 天鵝群在黃昏驟然騰飛士
But all is changed, that high horse riderless, 古詩人荷馬的繩鞍似舊可見

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