《My House by W.B. Yeats/葉慈》 江紹倫 (53) 中譯

《My House by W.B. Yeats/葉慈》

An ancient bridge, and a more ancient tower, 古橋那邊是一座更古的塔樓
A farmhouse that is sheltered by its wall, 一間農舍在圍牆內面
An acre of stony ground, 有一畝石地
Where the symbolic rose can break in flower, 薔薇在象徵綻放
Old ragged elms, old thorns innumerable, 數棵老榆樹在荊棘叢中拔起
The sound of the rain or sound 雨聲清洌
Of every wind that blows; 伴同風的每次吹拂
The stilted water-hen 長腳水禽戲水
Crossing stream again 在溪裏來回
Scared by the splashing of a dozen cows; 被一群牛濺水驚起

A winding stair, a chamber arched with stone, 迴旋梯上的石壁內有拱門廂房
A grey stone fireplace with an open hearth, 石火爐裏火光熊熊
A candle and written page. 一枝紅燭獨對一葉寫滿的書紙
Il Penseroso’s Platonist toiled on 憂鬱的理想盲詩人曾於此寫作
In some like chamber, shadowing forth 或在一間相似的房內
How the daemonic rage 預言魔鬼激情啟發
Imagined everything. 一切幻想
Benighted travellers 那夜行過客
From markets and from fairs 來回商塲和市集
Have seen his midnight candle glimmering. 曾見他的午夜燭光搖曵

Two men have founded here. A man-at-arms 這基業有兩個創始人
Gathered a score of horse and spent his days 一位軍人糾集了一群馬兒
In this tumultuous spot, 在此消磨日子
Where through long wars and sudden night alarms 歷經戰火及夜間的突發驚報
His dwindling score and he seemed castaways 他和馬兒全數被人遺棄
Forgetting and forgot; 忘記了更被遺忘殆盡
And I, that after me 我及我的後代
My bodily heirs may find, 我的可能繼承人
To exalt a lonely mind, 將會禮讚一顆寂寞之心
Befitting emblems of adversity. 反照戰勝困境的標據

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