《Her Triumph by W.B. Yeats》__江紹倫(53)中譯


I did the dragon’s will until you came 你到來之前我一直順從天龍
I had fancied love a casual 曾經幻想愛情是逢場作戲
Improvisation, or a settled game 互相妥協或者由緣指定
That followed if I let the kerchief fall: 發生在放下手帕的遊戲
Those deeds were best that gave the minute wings 那事兒叫人一時高飛
And heavenly music if they gave it wit; 或由天範之曲巧妙和鳴
And then you stood among the dragon-rings. 你驟然出現在天龍界裏
I mocked, being crazy, but you mastered it 我在調侃中為你着迷
And broke the chain and set my ankles free, 但你解開愛的鎖鏈還我自由
Saint George or else a pagan Perseus; 如聖喬治或那無神的皮休士
And now we stare astonished at the sea, 我們如今愕然凝視大海
And a miraculous strange bird shrieks at us. 聽那隻怪鳥對我們凄厲尖叫

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