《The Fisherman by W.B. Yeats》__ 江紹倫(53)中譯

《The Fisherman by W.B. Yeats》

Although I can see him still—雖然我仍認得他
The freckled man who goes那滿臉雀斑的他
To a gray place on a hill習慣前往迷濛山地
In gray Connemara clothes身穿康瑪拉粗衣
At dawn to cast his flies—在晨曦中揮竿釣魚
It’s long since I began如今過了一段時間
To call up to the eyes當我記起
This wise and simple man.這樸實智者
All day I’d looked in the face我整天向那張臉凝視
What I had hoped it would be尋找可能的
To write for my own race寫作信息
And the reality:叙述我們民族與現實
The living men that I hate,那些我憎惡的活人
The dead man that I loved,那些我愛的死人
The craven man in his seat,那些掌權的懦夫
The insolent unreproved—那些逍遙法外的無恥人士
And no knave brought to book那沒有記錄在案的
Who has won a drunken cheer—備受醉人歡呼的
The witty man and his joke圓滑的政客
Aimed at the commonest ear,專門對準大眾的耳朵揚言
The clever man who cries那些巧言令色的狂喊
The catch cries of the clown,高唱小丑之歌
The beating down of the wise棒打智者
And great Art beaten down.貶低偉大藝術

Maybe a twelve-month since彷佛一年前
Suddenly I began,我忽然開始
In scorn of this audience,藐視這些聼眾
Imagining a man,設想有這麼一個人
And his sun-freckled face他滿臉陽光與雀班
And gray Connemara cloth,身穿康瑪拉粗衣
Climbing up to a place從水沬底下的黑石
Where stone is dark with froth,爬上地面
And the down turn of his wrist他手腕如常番動
When the flies drop in the stream—把魚絲深進水裏
A man who does not exist,一個不存在世
A man who is but a dream;如在夢中的人
And cried, “Before I am old他大聲高呼在我老去之前
I shall have written him one一定給漁夫寫一首詩
Poem maybe as cold如黎明一樣冷靜
And passionate as the dawn.一樣熱情激發

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