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66屆同學方錫勳近作,與大家分享:[送上我的短片 (香港蝴蝶) ,並配上 李偉醫生唱的獅子山下 ,與你分享, 請賜教,謝謝!🙏🦋]

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尹氏保健系列 – 頭臉按摩法 – 尹冠英 ’67
尹氏保健系列 – 頭臉按摩法

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孝 Henry Ku ’56



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Cecil Chan (’67) Burial 1 July 2019

Couplet for Cecil’s ceremony from Robert Ng 吳啟亮


到矣 到矣 彼岸到矣 因乘悟覺 眾生輙臨彼岸
往也 往也 逍遙往也 本憑自性 哲人遽臻逍遙


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Cecil Chan’s (’67) Burial July 1, 2019



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Photo Album In Memory of Mr Wong Chin Wah

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In Memory of a Great Teacher – Carmel Tse (’75)

In memory of a great teacherFr Naylar

Teachers have students, good teachers have learners, and teaching gods have disciples. That was the summary of my teaching philosophy I recently presented at the Harvard Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.

I was one of the few lucky ones who had a teaching god as my form master. Almost 45 years after being taught by the late Father Harold Naylor, S.J., I find what I recently learned at Harvard was already practised by Fr. Naylor almost half a century ago. He was not just a high school teacher, he was a reflective practitioner. He was a pioneer on modern teaching concepts, he encouraged intrinsic motivation, he created an inclusive teaching environment and built student rapport, he engaged students in active learning and connected knowledge with real life, he used formative feedback, the list goes on.

For example, when teaching biblical studies, we were taken to the Buddhist Temples and Muslim Mosque. When teaching biology, on the first day of class, we were told to draw on a piece of blank paper a naked man and a naked woman. I remembered one of our more artistic students drew an almost naked man with a fig leaf covering the genital part. Fr. Naylor just tore up the sheet and asked him to draw again, a NAKED man. He made almost every one of us a member of the Conservancy Association. He made us to debate and disagreed with our peers.
If there is a Church of Teaching, the best teachers can almost be canonized as saints and those who preach their teachings are disciples. The Catholic church canonized some great teachers. As a former student of Wah Yan Kowloon, one of the two Jesuit schools in Hong Kong, I was told the order’s founder St. Ignatius of Loyola was a really good teacher. The rival de La Salle schools claimed their founder Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle was the patron saint of all teachers. Saint Thomas Aquinas was touted as the patron of ALL universities and students.
I last saw the father a few years ago when I visited Hong Kong. Even though he was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, he insisted on saying mass in Cantonese at Wah Yan’s St. Ignatius Chapel. That day, I had the last communion delivered by the late father.

Fr. Naylor will be missed, but his teaching spirit is eternal.

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《太上老君出行》__ Don Chen (71)

Please click the image to view the video

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Shanxi Yun Gang Grottoes

Today…the Yungang Grottoes. 山西雲岡石窟。Again, that was in 2010. Place might have been more commercialized.

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《Humber Bay Park and East Don Parkland》__ Rose Ho

Finally….made a trip to the Humber Bay Park.

Liked it despite…
– one way out there was approximately 1.75 hours long by public transit;
– rain was forecasted.
Bonus from this trip: an appetite to walk Queen’s Street from Yonge to all the way west. The sights in the different districts are so different. An excellent photography trip.

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