2 thoughts on “Photo Album In Memory of Mr Wong Chin Wah

  1. News of the passing of our beloved former WYK teacher, Mr. Wong Chin Wah, brought upon not only sadness but nostalgia. Chok and I, were at WYK from 1952 to 1958, and had Wong, Sir as our mathematics and chemistry teacher. His teaching method was innovative and clever, providing us lifelong skills till today. His extracurricular activities as the main figure in the staging of Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas and Cantonese operas in English claimed for Wah Yan Kowloon a league of its own among all the English high schools in HK. He was an idol to many of his students and the two of us especially wished we could emulate him in life and career. Wong, Sir left an indelible image in our minds that would last till our last days. We wish Wong, Sir, a well earned rest and offer his family and friends our deepest condolences. Wong, Sir, RIP. Chung and Chok Yu, WYK 57.

  2. To add to what my brother Chung said about Wong Sir’s clever teaching, I recall some of his methods in the chemistry lab. He showed us how to hold the test tube and how to point it when chemicals were being heated on the Bunsen burner so as to be safe. He also showed us how to cleverly hold the glass cap of a flask containing a chemical while pouring it into a test tube in such a way that one could not forget putting it back afterwards. These gems really came to fruition for us when we were at Mcgill University in Canada and attending a chemistry class lab. The two professors, well known for their chemistry lab, demonstrated exactly what Wong Sir did and we were both flabbergasted. To us, Wong Sir was a genius! He knew his chemistry cold and how to teach it to all of us. We lost a great teacher!

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