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《Mr Wong Chin Wah’s English Songs》__ Yu Fong-ying (61)

We Girls Wong Chin Wah_modern education Wong Chin Wah_Friendship
Mr Wong Chin Wah’s English Songs Set to Chinese Tunes gathered by Yu Fong-ying (61)

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《A Father’s Speech at his Son’s Wedding Dinner》 __ Yu Fong-ying (61)


Our elder son Jason got married to Miss Florence Lau on July 26th 2014 in Vancouver.
In the afternoon there was a Catholic marriage in the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver.
In the evening during the wedding dinner, the parents of the groom and bride were asked to make a short speech, about 5-6 minutes. Below is the draft of the speech I made.


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Hydrangea__Fong-Ying Yu




                               繡球耽享晚秋色      半殘拼取未凋時

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Letter to Daniel__Fergal Keane

“My dear son,
It is six o’clock in the morning on the island of Hong Kong. You are asleep, cradled in my left arm, and I am learning the art of one-handed typing. … When you are older, we will tell you that you were born in Britain’s last Asian colony in the Lunar Year of the Pig, and that when we brought you home the staff of our apartment block gathered to wish you well.
‘It’s a boy, so lucky, so lucky. We Chinese love boys,’ they told us.
One man said you were the first baby to be born in the block in the Year of the Pig. This, he told us, was Feng Shui, in other words a positive sign for the building and everyone who lived there….”
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A Zen Poem and “On Wenlock Edge”: Two Opposite Views of Life __Yu Fong-ying

A Zen poem that is a koan (a riddle) – (Author unknown)

來從萬水千山外, 又向千山萬水歸, 這回自有真消息, 風攬溪林落葉飛。


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Chinese and Foreign Sages and Poets Look at Stages of Life

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What’s in the Name Francis?___ Yu Fong-ying (61)

What’s in a name?

This essay is part about English names and naming and part about Pope Francis’ choice of name.

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備冬___余晃英//Wintering___Yu Fong-ying

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初見紅楓  (2012年9月22日)


[ Dear Mr Tam,

Saw some new red maple leaves this morning. Such picturesque scenery might remind you of your stay in Toronto.  From Vancouver I send you get-well wishes with this verbal picture and hope it brings a sense of beauty and calmness with it.

Yu Fong Ying (61 grad) ]

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A Life-Long Love of Music__ Yu Fong-Ying

– Memories of the Classical Music Lovers Association (CLA, 1957) and of Music in WYK from around 1952 to 1964

Dedicated to Mr Alexander Wong (1927-2010) and Mr Wilson Hsueh (1924-2008), and In Memory of Jerome Shih (?-2005)

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