《Two Word Quizzes》__ Yu Fong Ying (61)

Quiz_1   (Think Old)

Quiz  2     (Names and People)

Quiz 1:  (Answers: 1 k; 2 g; 3 h; 4 j; 5 o; 6 p; 7 a; 8 s; 9 l; 10 f; 11 i; 12 n; 13 b (the meaning ‘an elderly woman’ would be standard rather than informal); 14 c; 15 e; 16 q; 17 d; 18 m; 19 r; 20 u; 21 t)

Quiz 2:  (Answers: A2, B11, C7, D23, E15, F18, G9, H12, I1. J25, K3, L4, M22, N5, O14, P10, Q6, R24, S8, T16, U13, V17, W19, X20, Y 21, Z26)

《In Remembrance of Fr. Albert Chan, S.J. (1915-2005) 》compiled by Yu Fong-ying (61)

IntroductionFr Albert Chan

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Fr. Albert Chan, S.J. who died in Los Gatos, California in 2005. He entered Wah Yan College Hong Kong about 1932; before that he was in the Sacred Heart College in Canton. In July 1934 he became the first novice of the Society of Jesus in Hong Kong.* He was ordained in 1947. Both before and after his ordination, Fr. Chan taught at the Wah Yan College, in both the Hong Kong (1942-45, 54-58) and Kowloon campuses (61-62 Upper Six).   Continue reading

《A Father’s Speech at his Son’s Wedding Dinner (2), April 25, 2015》__Yu Fong-ying (61)


“Kim and David, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’ve been looking for a phrase that sums up adequately my state of mind today. I found it in a book by C. S. Lewis, quoting Wordsworth, called “Surprised by Joy”. The phrase by itself just about sums things up for me. I would like to share with you the reasons why.
David has so far given his parents, May and I, a fair measure of surprises.

Continue reading…”