Hong Kong’s new Catholic bishop pledges to unify divided city and start healing process among young

Bishop-elect Stephen Chow Sau-yan has pledged to unify Hong Kong’s politically divided Roman Catholic community, while nurturing empathy and helping the city’s youth to heal from past trauma.

His long-delayed appointment was announced by the Holy See on Monday after the post was left vacant for more than two years, at a time when the city’s political and religious freedoms were being tested by the civil unrest in 2019 and Beijing’s imposition of a sweeping national security law last June. <Read the whole article>

小桃紅 從回華仁中學 李勝生 ’66


(photo – Peter Li on left with Joseph Lau ’67)

李勝生 2021.2.9
小桃紅 從回華仁中學


Fr. Hurley’s Social Services Group of the HK Federation of Post-Secondary Catholic Students – Vincent Lee ’65

I was looking through the links I found about Fr. Hurley……, in between doing other things…… and got to the bottom one.

Lo an behold, when I went to minute 1.52 (of 6.49) I found a photos of the Social Services Group of the HK Federation of Post-Secondary Catholic Students — Linda and I are both here.  I still have a copy of the somewhat faded original; taken at WYK outside the corridor after or meeting (inaugural meeting?), 1966 (54 years ago).  Below that picture, and may be the top one in the next frame, is a shot of us visiting the orphanage (in Fangling I think) in which Tony Ng also participated.  This is priceless to me. What a treasure and surprise!  Other than Linda, I am still in loose contact with two other Group members.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiq_VNwp3gw