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《New Year Eve》Wen Tian Xiang

乾坤空落落  Heaven and earth exist wide and high
歲月去堂堂  My years gone my spirit freely ride
末路驚風雨  Winds and rains foretell the end of my road
窮邊飽雪霜  In the frontier I had endured stormy snows Continue reading

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《詠茶》文天祥(1236-1283) 江紹倫英譯

《In Praise of Tea》Wen Tian Xiang

揚子江心第一泉  In Mid-Yangzi flows this our Prime Spring
南金來北鑄文淵  Southern tea culture nurtures literary supreme
男兒斬卻樓蘭首  A brave man renders the Tartar King his demise
閒品茶經拜羽仙  Then sips tea at leisure to Tea Saint Lu he admires

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《念奴嬌 . 驛中言别》文天祥 (1236 – 1282) 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Charm of a Maiden Dancer . Farewell at a Post House》Wen Tien Xiang

水天空闊  The sky boundless over a vast ocean
恨東風   不借世間英物  But the hero’s borrowed wind is not present
蜀鳥吳花殘照裏  Under the setting sun cuckoos sing amid southern flowers
忍見荒城頹壁  Sadly I see so many ruined towns and towers
銅雀春清  The Bronze Statue bears witness in spring
金人秋淚  By autumn Tatar tears will be seen
此恨憑誰雪  Who can revenge this invading woe
堂堂劍氣  The shining revenge sword is in my fold
鬥牛空認奇傑  The Dipper will witness the victory of this hero Continue reading

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过零丁洋 (南宋)文天祥




人生自古谁无死?  留取丹心照汗青。

Crossing Lingding Sea              Wen Tianxiang (1236-1283)

Tr. YK Chan 陈耀国译:

Hardship endurance began with my scripture exam,

Sporadic struggles lasting over four decades thence.

A kingdom vanquished, in the wind catkins fly.

Like duckweeds struck by heavy rain I fall and rise.

Retreat from Panic Beach tells a panicky action,

On Lingding Sea I lament my lone incarceration.

Since the beginning of time who can ever not die?

My unwavering devotion shall in history shine! 



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《過零丁洋》__ (宋)文天祥(1236~1282)

辛苦遭逢起一經            干戈落落四周星
山河破碎風抛絮            身世飘摇雨打萍
皇恐滩頭說皇恐            零丁洋里嘆零丁
人生自古誰無死            留取丹心照汗青

《Crossing the Lonely Ocean 》__  Wen Tian Xiang  (1236-1282)               江紹倫譯

Moved by the I Ching I built my good character working hard
For four long years I fought our enemy with all my heart
Now my motherland is shattered into pieces like drifting leaves
I swim or sink much like duckweed under heavy rain
For feelings of peril I sigh on Perilous Beach
Crossing Lonely Ocean I feel dreary and lonely
Since days of old man lived but die
I choose to live loyal to my country forever thrive

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