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《好事近•夢中作》 秦觀(1049-1100)  __江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Good News Near•Written in Dream》__Qin Guan (1049-1100)
春路雨添花 On a spring path flowers thrive with rain
花動一山春色 Hills are in beautiful scenes of spring
行到小溪深處 At the far end of a small brook
有黃鸝千百 Hundreds of oriels sing to provoke
飛雲當麵化龍蛇 Fleeting clouds change to become dragons and snakes
夭驕轉空碧 Extending their reaches to cover a sky blue and big
醉臥古藤陰下 Being drunk I lie in the shade of aging vines
了不知南北 Knowing not if it is north or south I reside
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《江城子》秦觀 (1049-1100) __ 江紹倫英繹

《Tune: A Riverside Town》 Qin Guan
西城楊柳弄春柔 Willows play with the vernal breeze in west town
動離憂   I pine for you
淚難收   Tears anew
猶憶多情   Remember how I express my love for thee
曾為繫歸舟  Holding your boat not letting it leave
碧野朱橋當日事 The fields green and bridge red like yore
人不見   I see you not again
水空流   Water flows in vain

Continue reading

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《千秋歲·水邊沙外》秦觀 (1049-1100) __ 江紹倫英譯

《千秋歲·水邊沙外》秦觀 (1049-1100)

水邊沙外  城郭春寒退花影亂  鶯聲碎飄零疏酒盞  離別寬衣帶 人不見  碧雲暮合空相對

憶昔西池會  鵷鷺同飛蓋 攜手處  今誰在日邊清夢斷  鏡裡朱顏改 春去也  飛紅萬點愁如海

Tune:  《Ten Thousand Years》__ Qin Guan (1049-1100)

At water front away from sands
The city turns warm as vernal cold wanes Continue reading

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浣溪沙__秦觀 (1049-1100)

浣溪沙__秦觀 (1049-1100)

漠漠輕寒上小樓  曉陰無賴似窮秋  淡煙流水畫屏幽

自在飛花輕似夢  無邊絲雨細如愁  寶簾閒掛小銀鉤

Tune: Silk Washing Stream   Qin Guan (1049-1100)  江紹倫譯

A slight cold pervades up in the bower
A gloomy spring morn feels like a late autumn hour
A stream veiled in mist is seen in the painting on the wall

Contented dancing petals fly light as a dream
Incessant drizzles drizzle true to sorrow
The broider curtain on silver hook hangs idly till morrow

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滿庭芳 秦觀 (1049-1100)

山抹微雲    天粘衰草    畫角聲斷譙門

暫停征棹    聊共引離尊

多少蓬萊舊事      空回首      煙靄紛紛

斜陽外      寒鴉萬點    流水繞孤村

銷魂  當此際      香囊暗解    羅帶輕分

謾赢得青樓  薄倖名存

此去何時見也      襟袖上      空惹啼痕

傷情處      高樓望斷    燈火已黃昏

Tune: Fragrant Courtyard      Qin Guan (1049-1100)           江紹倫譯

Laced clouds touch the mountains high
Widely spread bristle grass reach the end of sky
The sound of a painted bugle fades from inquisitive sight

Halt the venturous boat
Let’s drink together before parting sadness take hold

How many past events come to mind
‘Tis no use to remind
Let them vanish with passing mists and sighs

As the setting sun beyond hides
Crows appear dotting the dimming sky
Girding the lonely village the rippling river quietly glides

My soul stirs
As I loosen your fragrant pouch with a frisk search
And untie your silk girdle on urge

My actions helped me to earn a name of fame
A fickle lover of brothel lane

Now a rover I know not whence we’ll meet again
On your sleeves tears leave wasted stains

Where sorrow remains
Beyond your high bower
City lights quietly mark the looming dusk

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鵲橋仙 (宋)秦觀(1049~1100)



Tune: The Magpie Bridge Immortal            Qin Guan  (1049-1100)   江紹倫譯

Clouds float creating wonders like artist feats
Stars’ fleeting regret repeats
Across the Milky Way the Cowherd Star silently goes to his annual retreat
A single moment together amid golden breeze and jade dew
Can eclipse all human affections in multiple heat

Their love flows tenderly as water
This happy date seems but a dream
They had to leave the Magpie Bridge to go each their own way
When lovers promise to love forever
Need they measure togetherness by hours and day

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