A Little Journey on Cooking __ David Wong (64)

A little journey on cooking: pasta with baby clam sauce.Pasta_9

Many people have claimed cooking is difficult. They have a lot of questions, a lot of doubts and a lot of insecurity about the method, timing, and the procedure combinations. Let us go for a little tour of what we need to do to create something that is nutritious and easy.

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Iron Chef Travelogue — #15__ David Wong (64)

Fettuccini and Clams

Fettuccini and Clams

The hardest part of making this dish is to prevent the clams from overdone. Clams overcook can be rubbery and if undercooked, it tasted raw fish. The seafood broth has to be made first, clams add at the very last. Once it is done, toss the fettuccini with the sauce and serve immediately. It is a healthy dish and I could stay there and eat all day.

Iron Chef Travelogue — Episode 15 — “Mangi, Mangi”

Iron Chef Travelogue — Episode 10 __David Wong

Iron Chef Travelogue —  “Edinburgh” 10_7

The Scottish people are hardworking people…..
Scotland has a few famous things: the kilt, wool and whisky. The rough weather would demand adaptation in many ways. Their wool is lovely, soft and durable….
Edinburgh is a relatively small city with may be ½ million people…

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