《1st Day__67 Golden Anniversary》__ Daniel Ho

Time flies!  Fifty years have come and gone.  The much-anticipated 50th anniversary reunion in Hong Kong of the 1967 class of WYK boys has finally arrived.  All the teenagers of the five 1967 Form 5 classes of Wah Yan College, Kowloon have been transformed, almost instantly and seemingly magically, into much more mature and experienced, less physically agile and, perhaps, wiser men. 
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Near and Along River Danube __ Daniel Ho (67)

Some Thoughts about and Timbits of History Learned during European Trip

Europe is the favorite tourism destination for my wife and me.  In Europe, the sceneries are beautiful or charming, the cultures and tastes are long-established, and the architecture of ancient buildings is civilized and exquisite.  During our latest trip to Europe, we visited the Czech Republic and took a river cruise on the River Danube.  What we saw during the trip is eye-opening.  I also picked up a few timbits of European history (at least legends if not bona fide history) from the local tour guides. Continue reading