Bob Barker asked us to ship our elephants south

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Bob Baker is in town. He is asking the Toronto zoo to shut down its Elephant Exhibit and ship the elephants down south. He has already been turned down with similar request by the Edmonton zoo.

Have no fear, Bob; we do have other elephants.

How about this big White Elephant of the Conservatives? It is a buddy of the US Republican elephant. Recently, it is getting too expensive and extravagant to keep. Over a single weekend, it spent 1.1 billion of our taxpayers’ money, to hold the G8/G20, with most dough went to the pork barrel of a single minister, camouflaged as funding from border and other infrastructure projects. They are also committed to spend multi-billion dollars on some fighter jets for years to come. We better let you ship this white elephant south before causing more permanent damage.

During the last few weeks, this political animal is turning into a Pink Elephant, with hallucination and paranoia; like a drunken sailor, or is it just showing signs of aging? It keeps repeating words like coalition, majority ….., as if these are something real. Now it is using the “s” word, crying wolf and spreading fear.

The pink elephant is losing touch of reality. During the Election Debates, it felt the debates were just bickering of the oppositions. To stop such bickering, we need a majority, we need to forgo of our democratic way, it said, and should be ruled with strong will and iron fists of an unapologetic leader.

The pink elephant is growing more paranoid. It will not and cannot trust us ordinary Canadian. It creeps around the Internet Facebook and Twitter, like the Internet police, looking for anybody with hints of opposing tie and view, and be excluded and escorted out of their gatherings, to pre-emptively suppressing any potential opposing view and trouble. It turns their public campaign meetings into exclusive club functions, by invitation only.

Bob, we have enough. These elephants are for you.

Good luck.

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