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(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

You always want to make a movie. Here is your chance. During this election, people made their own video and put them on YouTube. There are some really funny and cheeky ones, like the Hamilton women’s “It’s Over Steve”, or the “Vote Mob” videos of the many universities across Canada, and oh, how about this clever one,

As reported by the CBC Your Community, the above video is made by Angela Krajaefski, and below is her interview with CBC.

CBC Community: Could you tell us what inspired you to make your video?

Angela Krajaefski: I just kind of felt bad for Michael Ignatieff, I felt like he was getting, you know, kind of smeared a little bit. I felt like they were making him out to be kind an American, and I felt like he was actually very Canadian and very diverse, and I thought that’s what Canada’s all about is that diversity. I just thought he was getting a bad rap, so I wanted to put something out there that was a little bit pro-Iggy.

Could you walk us through how you created it, and how long it took you to make the video?

Angela Krajaefski: It took me two weeks, it was about 10 hours a day. My husband [Chris] actually did a lot of work on it, too. I did all the video and I then obviously sang on it. I did the backup vocals, and then he did the rap and then did all of the mixing and put all the sounds on it, and he actually made the song.

How do you feel about this election compared to previous ones? Are you more or less engaged?

Angela Krajaefski: I would say more engaged. I think after the last couple I was just kind of disillusioned and upset… it’s the whole split vote thing, right? If you lean more toward Liberal, unfortunately you’ve got the NDP and the Green Party you can choose from too, whereas you only have the Conservative Party on the other side. I really felt like if we banded together behind the Liberals we could change things up a bit.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share before we sign off?

Angela Krajaefski: I want Canadians to Vote! That’s it. I just want us all to vote – I just want us to all get out there and do it!

Now CBC is offering you the opportunity of a lifetime, to post your own video onto their site and show it to the world.

How to submit your song or video:

Upload your videos here

• Email your submission to with title ‘Election song’ OR send them a link to where you’ve uploaded it on YouTube

• Tweet CBC at @cbccommunity and let them know about your YouTube link

Make a video. This is your chance to be heard. And have your 3 minutes of fame.

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