The Power of “NOT”

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

“NOT” is a three-letter word; a word more meaningful and powerful than a four-letter word. It’s part of our government official lingo. It can be creatively inserted in any document or speech to emphasize the government viewpoints and decisions.

“NOT” is so powerful, simply utter or insert the magic word, it will immediately turn the table around on any argument, to topple any opposition, or to defuse any awkward situation.

Believe it or NOT. It leaves you no choice. End of story.

No, I am NOT going to approve it. No, I am NOT going to fire her. Wow. It oozes with authority, with power, and with finality. Such iron-fisted decisiveness, such workmanship, such leadership. The rating shoots right up in the polls.

NOT to tell an untruth, according to Wikipedia, “NOT!” is not a new invention. It is a sarcastic catchphrase of North America of the 90’s. A declarative statement is made, followed by a pause and then an emphatic “not!” is postfixed (e.g. “I’ll resign…..[long pause]….NOT!”). The result is a negation of the original declarative statement. Popularized in North America in the 1990s by a Saturday Night Live skit and subsequent movie Wayne’s World.

Finally it arrives at Parliament Hill. Approved, …. NOT! This shows our minister is in control. Probably complement of the PMO (“Dis-approve it, or else!” Hence the creatively inserted NOT). Remember the gay parade grant approval by another minister, which led to her frozen state for a while. This minister wouldn’t be repeating history, or NOT.

Order, order. New order of the day:

This is falsifying signed document ….. NOT!

This is misleading Parliament ….. NOT!

Reverse the long census decision ….. NOT!

Roll back the corporate tax cuts …..NOT!

Re-open bidding for the fighter jets ….. NOT!

The list goes on and on …………..

The rating keeps shooting up.

The NOT government is here to stay.

Long live the NOT.

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