《A Walk Through the Banal Hong Kong》__ Rose Ho

看完中醫、就運動一吓腳骨從中環沿著皇后大道往西營盤走一回。只想拍一幀 graffiti 樓梯照、怎知一拉手機就拍呀拍呀。「啊、這些橫街會漸消失、why not? 這所大厦外牆修葺得很有時尚感、why not? 這是我出生之國家醫院(現西營盤醫院)、why not?…」諸多理由拍呀拍呀。好平凡的地方、好平凡的攝影、好平凡的手機….好、就譲我造一個平凡的 album 吧。何況自己也是一個平凡的小市民。

這是我第一次全用手機製的 album。多方便!(換句話說:如有錯字、是手機太聰明之過!)


《HK Jao Tsung-I Academy 饒宗頤文化館》__ Rose Ho

My friend and his wife highly recommended me to visit this place after lunch at the Lai Chi Kok MTR station.

There I went….to the Jao Tsung-I Academy 饒宗頤文化館。It did not disappoint me.

I spent so much time there that by the time I went to the Lingnan Garden, it was already dark.

也好。Somebody told me the garden is usually not that quiet.  Perhaps going to the garden at such a late hour might not be a bad thing.

Enjoy this huge compound of the Academy by clicking the image.

《The zebra crossing at a high-traffic and accident-prone junction in Sai Wan Ho, HK.》__Rose Ho

I was not all play and no work while in Hong Kong last year

I cared for Hong Kong, the place where I was born and where I’ve spent most of my life (to now).

The attached was a request to a young District Councillor to widen the zebra crossing at a high-traffic and accident-prone junction in Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong. Continue reading

《A Volunteer Docent at History and Cultural Points in HKS District》__ Rose Ho

Last year, I spent considerable time in Hong Kong for family reasons.  During my spare time, I became a volunteer docent taking people on a historical and cultural tour in the HK Southern District which stretches from Pokfulam, Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau, Repulse Bay to Stanley.

[Click the Wind Tower image on the right to enjoy the History and Cultural Points in HK South District.] Continue reading