Advice on pursuing a doctorate in science (Not by me–YK Chan)

In these days and age, miserably few would consider pursuing a Ph.D. degree in science. In case some are still pondering about it, read this article first before pushing head on into it. This is my only advice for now.
What’s it like to get a Ph.D. Degree in science?
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After perusing the pros and cons outlined by the author of the article, let me know if you have more questions.

At any rate, enjoy a good read.

Lap-Chee Tsui 徐立之Interviewed

On CBC Radio 1 Ideas program, which is to be broadcast on Thursday, 25 September 2014, after the 9 p.m. news.  A podcast will be available online later on the Ideas web site.



2014 Friesen Prize Winner Lap-Chee Tsui talks with IDEAS host Paul Kennedy about how a boy who remembers raising tadpoles in Hong Kong became the scientist who ultimately isolated and identified the gene that causes cystic fibrosis.

【秋】致好友 To Bosom Friends

Tr. YK Chan 2014-09-07

秋 Fall
似酒 Like wine
味醇厚 Tastes mellow and thick
歲月悠悠 Time streams leisurely
轉身又回首 Turn around to look back again
再撫喜樂哀愁 Revisit all emotional joys and woes
往事如煙花依舊 The past looks like firework that’s gone by
唯友誼綿長如水流 Only friendship as a river meanders forever
只緣一路有你陪著走 Walking along the same path by your side
沐晨曦擷彩霞雨中漫遊 At dawn in drenching rain and colourful mist we stroll
待到紅葉濃時再聚首 Until leaves turn crimson we again get together
品茶論酒賞石敘舊 In reunion to savour fine tea, wine or jewel
落英滿地雲舒袖 Waving arms above that flowered-covered ground
歡聲笑語不休 Boisterous laughter and cheer end not
夕陽掛枝頭 When the sun setting upon tree tops
紅塵看透 Peering through mundane life bygone
別無求 Nothing else to wish for
靜候 But serenely await
秋 Fall

(正念反念,意境不同。 A different mood is felt when the original Chinese version is read in forward or reverse.)

祝中秋快樂! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!





Wu ChengEn (1501-1582) “Woodcutter’s Song
Translated by William John Francis Jenner (b. 1940)*

Watching the chess game I cut through the rotten,
Felling trees, chop, chop.
Strolling at the edge of the cloud and the mouth of the valley,
I sell firewood to buy wine,
Cackling with laughter and perfectly happy.

By a green path in autumn,
I pillow myself on a pine root, looking up at the moon.
When I wake up it is light.
Recognizing the old forest
I scale cliffs and cross ridges,
Cutting down withered creepers with my axe.

When I’ve gathered enough to make a load
I walk down to the market with a song.
And trade it for three pints of rice.
Nobody else competes with me,
So prices are stable.
I don’t speculate or try sharp practice,
Couldn’t care less what people think of me,
Calmly lengthening my days.
The people I meet
Either Taoists or Immortals,
Quietly sitting to expound the Yellow Court.
* British sinologist/translator

“意思”的意思 English translation by YK Chan






English translation:

A certain non-Chinese fellow has been toiling hard to learn Chinese for 10 years. He finally goes to China to take a Chinese language exam.

Here’s one of the exam questions:

Explain the meaning of each of the term “yisi” in the passage below:

When Ya Dai is giving a government official a red package, their dialog is quite interesting.

Official (O): What’s your intention of this?
Dai: Nothing much. Just something meant for you.
O: This way, you don’t mean much.
Dai: Just a little something from the heart.
O: You really are meaningful.
Dai: It really does not mean much anything else.
O: Then, I don’t make much significance of taking it.
Dai: It’s me who is not meaning much.

The foreigner is totally confused and could not make head or tail of the conversation.
The meaning of “yisi” is too profound. He turns in a blank paper and returns home.