Breaking Up With Stephen

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Reported by Amber MacArthur of Globe and Mail


As part of the “It’s Over Steve” campaign on YouTube, moms, wives, and daughters are demanding better from this country’s leader. These women are also asking others across Canada to post their own Harper break-up videos, and they’re demanding that they make sure to vote in our upcoming federal election (against Harper).

In another headline news of today: Guergis accuses PMO of smear campaign; Harper stays unapologetic

A year ago, Ms. Guergis was tossed out of cabinet after allegations arose about possible criminal conduct and Mr. Harper sent the matter to the Mounties.

The RCMP cleared Ms. Guergis and her husband, Rahim Jaffer, but Ms. Guergis was never asked back into the Tory fold.

When asked Friday whether he owed Ms. Guergis an apology – after allegations of drug abuse, wild partying and attempts to secure illegal contracts all proved unfounded – Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was unrepentant.

As Ms. Guergis pointed out, this is also a gender issue, how she was treated differently than her male colleagues, all because of her husband’s problems.

The question is, will this individual (aka Guergis) fallout hurt the male chauvanist Tories? Will this lead to more women discontent and induce the rise of lady vote-mobs?

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