Top 10 Reasons We Need Corporate Tax Cuts

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

1. To force an election, but let the oppositions take the blame. It’s entirely their fault!
2. To create more bonuses for the CEO of the big corporations, and hopefully, trickling down to more jobs for us ordinary Canadian
3. To create an extreme tax favourable environment for investments, to compete with cheap labour markets like China
4. This is magic. Pay more taxes to cut tax. Quietly increase tax in other less conspicuous areas to cover the corporate tax loss
5. To force the oppositions together, as yet proof of another coalition conspiracy
6. Hey, we won already. Got the support of the big businesses
7. To get another chance to prorogue parliament
8. Identity crisis. To show what the C of the Conservative Party really stands for —- Corporation
9. We have spent enough money on our Economic Action Plan, now it is the big corporations’ turn to benefit
10. Because our supreme leader said so

BTW, people are revolting everywhere. This’ quite trendy nowadays. Thinking of joining a movement? May I suggest? (This applied to all levels of government)

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