They Are Back

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Hurrah, the long hot boring summer is over. The circus, oops, Parliament is back in town and re-opened this week.

First on the agenda, is the long-gun registry. It is a no brainer. Unlike the urbanite, the Toronto Elite, up North, we use guns to hunt animals, not men, and of course, no need for an expensive registry. Look at what the city folks have done to us. First they tempted our boys and girls, to move away from our rural habitat, into the big city lights, and corrupt them with their new social/cultural evils. Now they are trying to control our manly symbol, our guns. As our great leader, the beloved PM said, this is all about the Rural/Urban divide, and we will pick up the guns, so to speak, and fight to the bitter end, into the next election.

And then there is the issue of the $ 9-billion dollars purchase of a fleet of F35 Stealth Jet Fighters with the US company, Lockheed-Martin, without any bidding tender what so ever.

Our Defence Minister Mackay pointed out, “without the F-35 Lightning II, Canada might not be able to effectively defend its airspace in the future.” That is scary stuff, why do we need such heavy weapons? Are we on the brink of the Third World War, or is he a believer of the Mayan “End of World” theory of December 21, 2012?

“The F-35 will allow us to see threats before they see us,” Mr. MacKay indicated. “The stealth capability makes it the right aircraft, not only on the existing threats, but what may come.” What threats? Probably he is talking about defending the air space of the Canadian parliament, from any attack of the Opposition coalition.

Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose also pointed out, “Competitions do not need to be held when there is only one product available that meets the requirements set by the client.” “Frankly, it would be dishonest. It would be a waste of time and a waste of resources.” Of course, we are not those cheap bargain hunters, just to drive across town to get a tank of cheaper priced gasoline. We are Canadians.

As for giving business to our neighbour, we are just following President Obama’s call: Buy America.

For the past years, we have over-spent all the surplus money we inherited from our predecessors, and then more. We are now deeply in the red, and have no choice but to cut off all stimulation programs and extended benefits of the unemployed.

We have followed the textbook to a T, and threw in money, lots of money, to stimulate the economy during this recession, but still it doesn’t work. That’s all because of the US. Obama declared recession is over, but their economy is still stagnant. Obviously if they are not going anywhere, and so are we. So logically if we pump money into their economy, we may have thrown them a lifeline and save us in the end, hopefully with a majority in parliament.

Let us pray.

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