Tories won’t compromise on census, how about a new game?

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

There is a new game in town: Monopoly, the Conservative Edition.

Players voluntarily have to roll the dice, and go round and round the board, in a circle, chanting: long form, long form; and have to answer a census question, whenever he/she landed on a square. Can’t answer the question, well, go directly to jail, do not pass go, and do not collect, but fined $200.

Sample questions:

1. What is your political and sexual orientation?
2. Are you a closet conservative?
3. How long is the Long Form anyway?
4. Does women health include abortion?
5. Is SPF 50+ enough to fight climate change?
6. Which taste better, the East European pierogie or the Canadian prorogue?
7. Are you a secret admirer of  the CBC culture war?
8. How many rolls of toilet paper you used a week?
9. Long or short, have you ever been jailed?
10. Where is Waldo/Harpo?

When a player finished the game, there you are, the 2011 census will be completed.

No need for compromise.

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