Anguish Of An Ordinary Citizen

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)
(Video of an angry shopper stymied by G20 shutdown in Toronto)

I am mad. I am hopping mad.

Why are you closed? Why, why, why!? I want to shop!

Every weekend, I come to Eaton Centre to browse, to shop, to max out my credit cards, just to help out the economy, to fulfill my duty as an ordinary citizen, as a contributor to our financial community. And to spend, spend, spend.

Why did you shut it down, in the name of security?  Why did you shutdown the downtown core, to intimidate us shoppers, by the presence of such a horrendous police force?

Why couldn’t you keep all the guests up in Muskoka, in the safe haven of our cottage country? Look at the G8 gatherings, not a hint of violence; no protest, no riots. Then why bring the G20 back to Toronto? Were they not classy enough for the resort environment? Once when you set up shop with the enclosing wire fences, and a large police force, they acted as magnet and wild fire that attracted all the media-crazed bugs and thugs. All variety of protests zoomed into the downtown core, convenient and within walking distance. Ka-boom, all madness got loose. Was that what you forsee or hope for, with such outcome, to justify the need for more than a billion bucks to be blown away on one weekend.? If not, then why the government already denied to compensate businesses any damage done, way before they actually happened?  That’s amazing.

You can close and board-up parliament whenever you want, but, please do not, I repeat, do not close up our headquarters of consumerism, deprive us of our great shopping experience and entertainment,  ever again.

Why are you closed? Why, why, why!? I want to shop!

I am mad. I am hopping mad.

1 thought on “Anguish Of An Ordinary Citizen

  1. Dear Anguished Shop-a-holic,

    I can feel your pain. However, the economic gain of keeping the stores open is trivial (as it won’t reduce the budget deficit,compared to my political gains at home and abroad for this highly visible international event as I am one of the world leaders (and you are not)of unprecedented action.

    Hope that you are not mad enough to kill with honor, and hold your horses.

    Your understanding hammer-targeted and dignified PM,

    S. Harp’r

    PS: I’ve read the bio of “The Great Hammer” ( He might help me to restrain any protest, saving redaction and security costs and, therefore, taxpayers money.

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