Hack, Not A Culture War, But A Cultural Revolution

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

The cultural revolution, Canadian style, has already begun.

The root of the problem is, pure and simple, the naked and vicious Power Struggle; crushing of all dissents, and by all means possible.

Look at the Gang of Three, signed a pact the year before, trying to take over the power of parliament. PM retaliated, by prorogation of parliament. It worked. Liberal changed leader, and the alliance fell apart.

Then came the Afghan retainees issue. The ‘cover-up’ storm brewing, and the ‘torture’ snowball rolling, almost into an international proportion, bordering on war crime potential. The magic wand of prorogation was pulled out once again and waved. It was with partial success, and bought some breathing space.

Then the Jaffer/Guergis affair. PM first tried to ignore and contain it, but the time bomb kept ticking. Finally with the slightest excuse, on rumour from a gumshoe, J/G were dropped like a hot potato, discarded and swept under the dirty political carpet swiftly. Now keep an eye on the Shory story.

The power struggle continues. The cultural revolution deepens.

Triggered by the Liberal’s own blunder and lost the vote on the abortion issue. Suddenly PM saw a glimpse of a lifeline, a break in the opposition’s rank, a rare opportunity, and seized it. He suddenly proclaimed, for Canada, world women’s health does not include abortion, although all along, he claimed not to re-open this issue. This signalled Canada is making a “Right Turn”. Power struggle is crystallizing, precipitated into an ideology war. Onward with the slaughters of gun control, gay support ….. delineation of ideology is finally set, stirring and splitting the oppositions.

Cultural revolution warfare required slogans and directives, a kind of home grown “Mao Tse-tung Thought”. The PMO is already issuing “Talking Points” memo on a daily basis, to its faithful, centralizing and promoting its righteous ideology. Eventually may be these will be compiled into a little “Blue Book”, the quotations from the PM/PMO. Every faithful should have one, and to be waved in the coming election.

China had the “revolutionary models” to set examples, and so in Canada, we have already started testing the propaganda machine. We have looked at those arm’s length organizations and have sent in an army of new directors and managers, to replace and to guide such organizations towards new directions. If you don’t toe the party line, then out you go. Or better, trying to muzzle any dissent opinions. Senator Ruth has put it neatly, “shut the f___ up”, otherwise ……. Funding cuts have already begun.

The cultural revolution is on. The power struggle continues.

But you asked, what happened to the motto: To serve the people? The only and real measuring yardstick.

Well, who cares actually, in such turbulent time !

Long live 為人民服務.

Just remember this, in the next election.

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