The Announcement

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

You heard this during every flight of your air travel.

“Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome aboard Flt 890 with non-stop service, to Your City. In order for the captain to pull away from the gate area, all isles and exit rows must be cleared, at this time you should be comfortable seated, with your seatbelt securely fastened, if you are traveling with any hand luggage please make sure they are securely stowed under the seat or the overhead bin. Your seat back should be in the upright positions, at this time all electronic devices, must be shut off and put away, that includes, cell phone, pagers, video games, iPods, video recorders, laptop computers, and headsets.”


And this during every theatre performance.

“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s performance of our Play. Please note that any recording of this performance, either through video or photograph is strictly prohibited. A reminder that Mobile phones should also be turned off. Thank you and we hope you enjoy tonight’s performance”


And now may be this.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard TTC Bus 123, My name is Tom and I am your driver today. For the safety of all passengers and driver, please turn off your cell phones and other electronic video and sound recording devices, and have them stowed away. Non-compliance will result in being evicted from this bus. BTW, TTC is an equal opportunity corporation, if any passenger has problem holding his/her water, please inform the driver gently, we will stop at the next available washroom. Please, please, don’t harass our staff. Thank you for your attention, and have a nice and safe trip.”


Or this.

“Hi shoppers, welcome to Walmart. Hope you have found everything you want, with our everyday low prices. Just join the line at our checkout counters. We are serving customers in sequence and to our best efficiency. Now please turn off and put away your cell and other recording devices. No video recording is allowed of our staff in the store. Thank you for your co-operation. Have a nice Walmart day.”

Pretty soon, the province will pass a new Video-Free Law that prohibits video recording in public places, without a license,  offender will be fined $9.99 (at rolled-back prices), and mugshot posted on YouTube, but with no demerit points deducted though.

Watch out for the Video-Free police.

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