《On the Sea》by John Keats __ 江紹倫譯

《詠海》  約翰‧濟慈  

It keeps eternal whisperings around                            你收藏着永恆的絮語
Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell                   荒涼孤岸湧着滔天大浪
Gluts twice ten thousand caverns, till the spell            何止千岩萬穴
Of Hecate leaves them their old shadowy sound.   留着女神郝卡忒咒語的迴音
Often ’tis in such gentle temper found,                         你時常和順安詳
That scarcely will the very smallest shell                      收留最小的貝殼
Be moved for days from whence it sometime fell,          數天不許移動
When last the winds of heaven were unbound.             天風驟降
Oh ye! who have your eye-balls vexed and tired,          當你眼睛受惑倦慵
Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea;                   請張開飽看大海的汪洋吧
Oh ye! whose ears are dinned with uproar rude,           當你的耳朵受震欠聰
Or fed too much with cloying melody, –                         或聽膩了重覆的韻調
Sit ye near some old cavern’s mouth, and brood           請閒坐在古洞面前吧
Until ye start, as if the sea-nymphs choired                  冥想傾聽美人魚的歌唱

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