Hello Hello Are You There

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)


“Answer the phone,” My wife shouted from the bathroom.

“Let them leave a message, probably just telemarketing,” I shouted back.

Although we are listed in the “Don’t call” list, we still get these calls all the time. I tried not to talk to them at all cost.

But I am the exception.

We are a talkative nation. People carry their cell-phones everywhere, persistently chattering; on the street, on public transport, in restaurants, in theatres, at work, at home, while shopping, even in the washroom (public and private). Or people, with thumbs dancing on their Blackberry, text messaging, 140 words or less, on Twitter.

Years ago, when you saw someone mumbling or shouting to himself on the street, you tried to walk on the other side of the road, a madman, no doubt. But nowadays, if you look closely, it is only someone talking on the cell-phone.

“Honey, the on sale item sold out, you want a rain check? Or something else?”

“Hi, I found this sofa on sale, here let me send you a picture, what do you think?”

Communication of the masses. How convenient.

But research also showed, one in five car accidents are caused by drivers talking on the phone. Pedestrians killed while crossing the road talking on cell-phones.

Hence the hands-free law is in full effect now in both BC and Ontario.

But then there are still paranoia like me. I do have a cell-phone, but I kept it off all the time, and only switch it on when I want to dial out.


“Hello, sorry, you get the wrong number.”

“What do you mean, dad, it’s me, your daughter.”

“Oh, I thought you are the telemarketing lady again.”

Hey, I got it. To cure our talkative habit, we should saturate all phones with telemarketing messages.

Or may be not, you will end up chattering endlessly with the telemarketing lady.

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