Package Tour

Package Tour

Spain & Portugal

My wife and I love travels. We always prefer self guided tours. The fun of planning the tours and the freedom we have on doing what and how we want are all important to us. Thus we were surprised that for the first time in 20 years we actually allowed ourselves to be ‘tricked’ into joining a package tour, going to Spain and Portugal.

We regretted the decision and almost wanted to cancel the trip. We didn’t and the trip turned out to be just fine. For one thing, the trip was hassle free. For another, we got to meet more people (if this doesn’t bother you) and it was relatively cheaper than doing it ourselves.

 I made a video on the trip and it has two parts. To watch them, simply

Click here for the first part.

Click here for the second part.

1 thought on “Package Tour

  1. WYK class 62.
    Great movie of Wonder of Spain and Portugal. We just finished a tour with Trafalgar on Spanish Wonders and saw the same thing. Well done on music and video.

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