Inspired by Toyota

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Yes Men News — Inspired by the  recall action of Toyota, Canadian PM is recalling parliament. He said the defective problems that led to the necessity of prorogation (a sticky pedal that caused parliament to accelerate and spin out of control) are identified, new designs have been made and he is ready to fix the problems.

Due to the unexpected Perogation Uprising, that spread from coast to coast, across Canada, with thousands of apathetic citizens took to the streets, and the elite opposition parties chattered for propositions to curb the prime minister’s power to suspend and prorogue future Parliament. His party’s rating is dropping. Mr. Harper finally is enlightened.

Extreme time called for extreme makeover.

He sent his ministers travelled all over the country, to photo-op sessions, and to look busy, even to endure with a pie in the face.

He stacked the Senate with Conservative-friendly folks.

In Davos Switzerland, he called on world leaders to embrace an “enlightened sovereignty” that puts the global good ahead of each country’s immediate self-interest. Armed with this new slogan and message (whatever it means), suddenly he acquired a new image, an image that is worthy of a worldly statesman. This time around he won’t be going to the washroom and miss the world leaders group photo-op in Davo.

An election is in the air, don’t you think so?

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