The Confession of a new Shopaholic

( Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

I was caught in Walmart the other day, and thrown in jail, by the “Buy American” police.

I am an convalescing shopaholic, ever since I lost my job a few months ago. I desperately try to avoid the brand name products; I can afford them no more. To quench my urge to shop, I decided to try Walmart.

This was a whole new world. It was a zoo in there. You were hit by aisle and aisle of products, at “roll-back” prices, which I can afford. Even better, I spotted names like Joe Fresh, just like bumping into a nodding acquaintance. I felt exhilarated. I piled the shopping cart with stuff, from underwear to grocery. I was in an up-swing mood, until I was greeted by the “Buy American” police, at the checkout counter.

I was accused of committing an un-patriotic act, harbouring anti-American sentiment and practicing anti-consumerism ideology. All my checkout items were foreign made, with insufficient American content. In my defence, I tired to explain, with the shrinking Almighty Dollar, we common citizen cannot afford American designer, high end fashion anymore. We have to survive, desperate time needs desperate measure. Further, how can we distinguish goods that are produced here at home and those abroad? By their names or their labels? Even a Toyota is Japanese by name only, it is produced by our workers here in America, and even worse, many products with label of ‘made in USA’ actually have components that are from elsewhere.

But do they listen!? Of course not, I was thrown in jail.

So what is my crime?

Just listen, here is what the DA eloquently proclaimed, my everyday routine:

“John Smith started the day early, having set his alarm CLOCK (made in Japan) for 6am.While his COFFEE POT (made in China) was perking, he shaved with his ELECTRIC RAZOR (made in Hong Kong). He put on a DRESS SHIRT, (made in Sri Lanka), DESIGNER JEANS (made in Singapore) and TENNIS SHOES (made in Korea).After cooking his breakfast in his ELECTRIC SKILLET (made in India) he sat down with his CALCULATOR (made in Mexico) to see how much he could spend today.After setting his WATCH (made in Taiwan) to RADIO time (made in India), he got in his CAR, (made in Germany) and filled it with GAS (from Saudi Arabia) and continued his search for a good paying American job.At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking on his COMPUTER (made in Malaysia), John decided to relax for a while. He put on his SANDALS, (made in Brazil) poured himself a glass of WINE (made in France) and turned on his TV (made in Indonesia), and wondered why he can’t find a good paying job in America.At bedtime, John Smith took at look at his financial situation. And realized he’s deeply in DEBT (made in USA).”

I became the casualty of the recession, globilization and protectionism.

The verdict: Guilty as charged.

2 thoughts on “The Confession of a new Shopaholic

  1. Good works. Americans will have a long road to find themselves, if ever. Lets hope we Chinese do not learn from them at the expense of ignoring our own cultural heritage, like so much wisdom in our poetry.

  2. Prophecy on “Confession”: An unauthorized epilogue

    “Shoppers Without Boundaries” could win a future Nobel Peace/Economics Prize for keeping the global economy going. Walmart could be a co-winner. The protagonist in the story would be a martyr and canonized by Chinese creditors.

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