《Science, Séance and Red Herring – Reflections on a life in microbial science》YK Chan (65)

Part 1 – Early and late Canadian life

Two historical world events dominated international news in the mid 1960s as the Vietnam War was at its peak, and the tsunami of the Chinese Cultural Revolution was rippling into Hong Kong.  The latter’s violent mass movement was sending Mainland Chinese youths and liberal intellectuals into an odyssey.  Shortly afterwards, like several of my innocent Wah Yan classmates, I plunged into Winnipeg in this great north from the subtropical climate in Hong Kong to pursue post-secondary studies after matriculation.  Unlike most of my matriculation science classmates, I had no intention or interest to enter medical school.  Since then, living in Canada has been offering me the taste of changing seasons as musically painted in Vivaldi’s four violin concerti.  Perhaps, variety is the spice of life that embellishes it with brilliance and colours.

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