Poems on Chess Games translated by Kong Shiu Loon

夢中作       北宋  歐陽修(1007~1086)

in dream_e

夜涼吹笛千山月  路暗迷人百種花  棋罷不知人換世  酒闌無奈客思家 

Written in My Dream      Ouyang Xiu

My flute tunes invite the moon to shine on a thousand hills
The roads a maze with hundreds of flowers bloom in goodwill
Whence our chess game ends the world has changed we know it not
Drinking in leisure does not keep me from pining for home a lot

對棋與道源至草堂寺    宋 王安石(1021~1086)

chess game_e

北風吹人不可出   清坐且可與君棋   明朝投局日未晚   從此亦復不吟詩

To My Friend on Chess and Dao      Wang On Shi

With the attack of north winds people venture out not
What a pleasure to play chess when doing naught
Not even continuing till tomorrow time is at our disposal
‘Cause we can forget writing poems in this life mortal

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