Happy New Year 2010

元日 王安石(1021~1086)2010 Happy New Year


New Year’s Day           Wang An Shi (1021-1086) (江紹倫譯)

On a sound of firecrackers we bid farewell to the year old
As vernal breezes warm up the Tu Su brew we welcome the new
The sun shines visiting thousands of family doors
Every door displays new couplets to celebrate the New Year for all

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2010

  1. Thanks so much for the picture of fireworks. It adds a lot to the happy New Year spirit enshrined in the poem. Alas gone are those couplets in beautiful calligraphy seen even in fackdrop villages in the China of memory.

  2. may i add another poem by wang an shi? (please delete at will.)

    【梅花】 北宋 王安石 (1021—1086)
    墙角数枝梅, 凌寒独自开。
    遥知不是雪, 为有暗香来。

    Plum Flowers Wang Anshi (Northern Song)
    Sev’ral plum branches stand at the wall corner there;
    Ev’n in extreme cold they, alone, flow’r in delight.
    From a distance I know that they are not snow white,
    For sweet scent floats and lingers in the freezing air.

    (tr. frank c w yue)

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