《九歌-湘夫人 》__ 屈原 (前335?-前296)

九歌·湘夫人 屈原 Madam Xiang River   Qu Yuan  江紹倫譯
帝子降兮北渚 目眇眇兮愁予 On Northern Islet you descend my dear
Burdened by grief my eyes can’t see clear
袅袅兮秋風 洞庭波兮木葉下 Ceaselessly blow the autumn breezes
On the Dongting Lake flow fallen leaves
登白薠兮騁望 與佳期兮夕張 Standing on White Clover I gaze afar
Awaiting to meet you at twilight hour
鳥何萃兮蘋中 罾何爲兮木上 Could birds freely glide amid dense reeds
What can nets do on top of the trees
沅有茝兮澧有蘭 思公子兮未敢言 In green creeks orchids thrive so meek
I pine for thee daring not to speak
荒忽兮遠望 觀流水兮潺湲 Looking yonder I reach for my love of old
I see but ripples gently flow
麋何食兮庭中 蛟何爲兮水裔 How could deers find food in closed doors
What could dragons do when grounded ashore
朝馳餘馬兮江臯 夕濟兮西澨 Along riverside at dawn I hurry my steed
At dusk to ride the rapids I heed
聞佳人兮召予 将騰駕兮偕逝 Answering your call I’ve come today
Together we will ride on clouds away
築室兮水中 葺之兮荷蓋 In midstream a palace shall be made
Its roof shall have lotus weaves for shade
蓀壁兮紫壇 播芳椒兮成堂 Up its purple terrace thymes will wall
Fragrant pepper plants will spread the hall
桂棟兮蘭橑 辛夷楣兮藥房 Cassia pillars will stand like orchids upright
And rooms smell herbal fragrance of clover white
罔薜荔兮爲帷 擗蕙櫋兮既張 I shall make ivy weaves for window screens
And cover the floor with leaves so green
白玉兮爲鎮 疏石蘭兮爲芳 Cornerstones shall be made of white jade
In the air orchid fragrance shall never fade
芷葺兮荷屋 繚之兮杜衡 In lotus houses let vetch be found
With fresh azaleas blooming year round
合百草兮實庭 建芳馨兮庑門 Let the courtyard be filled with herbs of various kinds
And corridors be frequented by perfumed minds
女嶷繽兮并迎 靈之來兮如雲 I will invite the gods of mounts nine measures high
To set my soul free aboard clouds in the sky
揖餘袂兮江中 遺餘褋兮澧浦 I jump into the water awake from my dream
With clothes sleeves and all in the stream
搴汀洲兮杜若 將以遺褋兮遠者 I pick sweet flowers from the landing in the bay
To comfort whoever living far away
時不可兮驟得 聊逍遙兮容與 Time lost can’t be regained freely
Let my heart roam intensely feeling for thee

《九章 – 橘頌》__ 屈原 (前335?-前296)

九章·橘頌 屈原 Ode to Orange (a gentleman)  Qu Yuan   江紹倫譯
後皇嘉樹 橘徠服兮 A blessed tree between heaven and earth
The noble orange stands
受命不遷 生南國兮 Destined to thrive in the south
‘Tis not intended for any other land
深固難徙 更壹志兮 Roots firmly entrenched
Your will a single strand
綠葉素榮 紛其可喜兮 Green leaves enshrine glorious blooms
A sight in colourful beam
曾枝剡棘 圓果摶兮 On branches grow protruding thorns
Glittering round fruits adorn
青黃雜糅 文章爛兮 Green and yellow a mix of harmony
Flowery words sing tunes of fine melody
精色内白 類任道兮 External colours fine
Internal purity divine
紛缊宜修 姱而不醜兮 A thousand charms inculcated
Not a single shade of ugliness imbued
嗟爾幼志 有以異兮 You are out of the ordinary
Even young you are exemplary
獨立不遷 豈不可喜兮 Independent will so free
We watch in glee
深固難徙 廓其無求兮 Roots firmly entrenched
You seek nothing unneeded
蘇世獨立 橫而不流兮 You proudly guard your virtue and vision
Distancing vulgarity in all seasons
閉心自慎 不終失過兮 Discreet and cautiousness you keep
No wrongs could to you creep
秉德無私 參天地兮 Virtuous and selfless
In heaven as on earth you show uniqueness
原歲并謝 與長友兮 Willingly fade in year’s end
I should like to be your friend
淑離不淫 梗其有理兮 Fair and upright
Your trunk grows right
年歲雖少 可師長兮 Your age though few
Even old folks may learn from you
行比伯夷 置以爲像兮 An example so inspiring
All humble folks admiring

《九歌 – 雲中君》__ 屈原 (前332-前296)

浴蘭湯兮沐芳      華採衣兮若英
靈連蜷兮既留      爛昭昭兮未央

謇將憺兮壽宮      與日月兮齊光
龍駕兮帝服          聊翱遊兮周章

靈皇皇兮既降      猋遠舉兮雲中
覽冀洲兮有餘      橫四海兮焉窮

思夫君兮太息      極勞心兮忡忡

To the Cloud Lord       Qu Yuan (BC335?-296)         江紹倫譯

Perfumed in an orchid bath you appear on view
Your clothes brilliant in varying hues
With fleecy locks you race to reach unlimited heights
In colourful splendour you skilfully paint the morning sky

Your many radiant faces thrive at high noon
Your whiteness pure and bright to match that of the sun and moon
Along your side the dragon glides in formidable attire
Your wandering movements so free in spirit we admire

In silvery drops you descend on mother earth in rain
On wind’s wings you rise ever so high again
Seeing all continents at ease in a single sweep
You float across the four seas to survey their deeps

To show my longing for you I could but sigh
My heart belongs to you however high you fly