WYKwino Report No. 53

Wino #53
From the host of Wino #53, Anthony Lee,

“We have lots of fun tonight and I hope everyone enjoy the wine tasting for the 4 different types of Pinot Noir from Burgundy of France , Central Otago ‎of New Zealand, Sonoma Coast of USA and Oregon of USA. These 4 bottles are the entry level wine for Pinot Noir. However, it gives you the taste of New World Vs Old World wine. If you are interested you can check out the higher level wine maker that produces Estate wine with smaller parcel of grape.
See you in September Wino #54.
Cheer!” (more pictures here)


soup從來愛食「粗嘢」。鲍參翅肚這四種貴價海產,我欣賞鮑魚。海參,魚翅,魚肚對我無大吸引力。就算是「天九翅」,吃來也不外如是。當股票市場狂飆時,人們愛用魚翅撈飯。在我看來,這些東西不及一碟咖喱牛肉飯,一碗上湯雲呑麵, 一客上海排骨菜飯,一碟肉絲炒麵來得實惠好味度。