Grasp Your Opportunity!__Sean Coghlan, S.J.

“In the morning I often stand in the archway near the telephone room, watching the students on the last stage of their journey to school. There is a striking difference in how the students walk and hold themselves.  Many, very many in fact, look brisk and cheerful…  A few, however, look dull, sad and preoccupied…  It saddens me to think that some Wah Yan students may have nothing to look forward to during a day at school…”

Be you a wahyanite, a teacher or a parent, you’ll feel good reading this passage by Father Coghlan when he was the Principal in Wah Yan College, Hong Kong.  (A. Ho)

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觀遊魚 白居易 (772-846)


Looking at Fishes        Po Chu-I (772-846)  tr by Father John Turner, S.J.

As all around the pool I went,
    Watching the fishes glide:

In fishing-boat on fishing bent
    My little ones I spied.

The love of fish did each one lead
    As each one’s fancy took him.

For I came out my fish to feed:
    And you came out to hook him.

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