Deep Impact

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Judgment day has finally arrived.

The science-fiction disaster-drama “Deep Impact” was on TV this weekend. Is that telling us something?

A 7-mile wide “comet of dictatorship” is hurling towards us, at a disastrous and alarmingly fast rate.

We felt helpless.

Our rescue mission is actually on the threshold of success, with the surge of the NDP, giving us hope. But at the same time, without strategic voting, this can split our rescue into two sections, and the “comet of dictatorship” can just come through the middle and hit us, wipe out our great parliamental system and push us back to an undemocratic dark-age.

身在福中不知福, we don’t treasure and value our democratic political system. People of many countries in this world gave up their lives fighting just for this, but we are going to give it up too easily. If that happens today, we only have ourselves to blame, falling into and believing the sweet talks of Harper and simply ignoring his contemptuous, deceitful and dictatorial behaviour. As others said, he won’t get away with these, eventually will caught up with him and history will judge his misdeeds justly and accordingly. But until that day comes, tough luck, we will suffer.

Today is judgment day. People will decide.

We have no choice but to cast our vote and watch silently, this fast hurling comet.

Is it going to hit us? Or will we escape the deep impact of the dark-age?

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