“Catch 22” ups its campaign to stop Harper in crucial ridings

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Similar to the Democracy Project, Catch 22 is another Anyone-But-Harper movement actively campaigning to defect Harper’s Conservative. The following information is published on their site. For further detail, please visit them at http://catch22campaign.ca/

The Catch 22 Campaign is stepping up its efforts in 15 electoral ridings where defeats for Conservative candidates will help prevent a Conservative majority government.

“While we will keep working hard in the 57 ridings we have identified, we are putting extra efforts into 15 crucial ridings where strong strategic campaigns could result in some serious losses for the Conservatives,” said Gary Shaul, Catch 22 coordinator.

Catch 22 recommends that Canadians residing in their target ridings vote for the opposition candidate with the best chance of winning the seat, even if that candidate is not their first choice.

“The NDP surge has moved the party into second place in the polls,” said Nick Fillmore, a Catch 22 organizer, “but this hasn’t changed the importance of voting strategically in certain ridings to stop a Harper majority.”

“If people don’t vote strategically,” said Fillmore, “the danger is that the New Democrat, Liberal and Green votes will split and the Tories will walk through the middle and win enough seats to go over the top.” Some recent polls show Harper within reach of a majority.

Due to Canada’s outdated electoral system, Harper could win a majority of seats in Parliament with as little as 37 per cent of the popular vote. This is unusual internationally speaking, as most other countries have adopted a Proportional Representation voting system that prevents a party from forming a majority government with such small support.

As part of its stepped-up campaign, Catch 22 is launching a telephone campaign which is expected to reach thousands of voters. It is also advertising in newspapers, and encouraging volunteers in all target ridings to help distribute flyers.

Harper has already begun the transformation of Canada during his five years of minority rule. “He is pleading for a majority government in order to cement his power and implement a right-wing agenda that most Canadians do not support, said Shaul. “We are trying to do everything we can to stop him from institutionalizing the wish list of the National Citizen’s Coalition, Reform Party and the oil industry.”

Catch 22’s high priority ridings and voting recommendation

[BC] Saanich—Gulf Islands: Elizabeth May (Green)
[BC] Burnaby—Douglas: Kennedy Stewart (NDP)
[BC] Surrey North: Jasbir Sandhu (NDP)
[BC] Vancouver South: Ujjal Dosanjh (Lib)
[AB] Edmonton—Strathcona: Linda Duncan (NDP)
[SK] Saskatoon—Rosetown— Biggar: Nettie Wiebe (NDP)
[ON] Guelph: Frank Valeriote (Lib)
[ON] Kitchener—Waterloo: Andrew Telegdi (Lib)
[ON] Kitchener Centre: Karen Redman (Lib)
[ON] Welland: Malcolm Allen (NDP)
[ON] Mississauga—Erindale: Omar Alghabra (Lib)
[ON] Ottawa—Orléans: David Bertschi (Lib)
[ON] Oak Ridges-Markhan: Lui Temelkovski (Lib)
[NB] Saint John: Stephen Chase (Lib)
[NS] West Nova: Robert Thibault (Lib)

Catch 22’s GTA recommendations

Conservative-held ridings

Riding Endorsing Incumbent
Mississauga—Erindale Omar Alghabra (Lib) Bob Dechert
Oak Ridges—Markham Lui Temelkovski (Lib) Paul Calandra
Oakville Max Khan (Lib) Terence Young
Oshawa Chris Buckley (NDP) Collin Carrie
Thornhill Karen Mock (Lib) Peter Kent
Vaughan Mario Ferri (Lib) Julian Fantino

Opposition-held ridings

Riding Endorsing Incumbent
Ajax—Pickering Mark Holland (Lib) Mark Holland (Lib)
Brampton—Springdale Ruby Dhalla (Lib) Ruby Dhalla (Lib)
Brampton West Andrew Kania (Lib) Andrew Kania (Lib)
Don Valley West Rob Oliphant (Lib) Rob Oliphant (Lib)
Eglinton—Lawrence Joseph Volpe (Lib) Joseph Volpe (Lib)
Mississauga South Paul Szabo (Lib) Paul Szabo (Lib)
Welland Malcolm Allen (NDP) Malcolm Allen (NDP)
York Centre Ken Dryden (Lib) Ken Dryden (Lib)

Please also check out Swing 33, another ABH group (http://swing33.ca/).

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