(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Iggy, surprise, someone actualy listened, and rose up, to the occasion, from six feet under. Is this a sign ?

As reported in the newspapers (the G&M and the Toronto Star).

The children of a Toronto man known for his sense of humour and love of politics has penned a death notice of a different sort.

“In lieu of flowers, please vote Liberal” read the notice for John Bolan that appeared in the Star and the Globe and Mail.

Bolan, 78, worked as a civil servant for the province for more than two decades and was never involved in politics. But he was passionate about the Liberal party, his family says.

So when he died unexpectedly last Thursday after undergoing surgery for a herniated bowel, his four children decided to give him a send-off in keeping with his personality.

“His love of Canada and love of the Liberals were such a huge part of his belief system that they (his children) wanted to somehow incorporate that in his obituary,” said his wife Bernice, 71.

She added: “A number of people told us that — just this once — they’ll be voting Liberal.’’

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