Why 5 questions a day only?

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Mr. Harper, has gone command-and-control in a big way. He’s taking only five questions a day from journalists. He’s avoiding unscripted encounters with members of the public. Unsurprisingly, he wants no part of the one-on-one debate for which Mr. Ignatieff is lobbying —– Adam Radwanski (G&M)

To limit how many questions journalists can put to Mr. Harper……… At just five questions a day, you can literally count on one hand how many questions Harper takes everyday. The obvious intent is to restrict the range of topics (coalition, not contempt), keep him from stumbling, and stay on message to get the talking points out. —– Peter Harris, Global National TV

And our top 15 reasons are

1. 講多錯多

2. Five questions a day, keep the Coalition away

3. The bottle genie grants only 3 wishes, and Mr. Harper already granted 5

4. Too risky, 5 is more than enough

5. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

6. Ssshhh, keep quiet

7. Topic already covered. Next

8. Good question. Next

9. This counts as one, next question

10. T’s for your own good, more than you can handle

11. The answer is NO, what is the question?

12. Shut up, no more question, just listen

13. A majority, no question asked

14. No question please, we are Conservatives

15. Pre-emptive damage control

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