Canada will enforce no-fly zone

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadian jets will enforce our resolution calling for a no-fly zone over Parliament to prevent further bloodshed and demand a ceasefire in our war-torn parliament.

“The situation in Parliament remains intolerable,” he told a news conference in Ottawa Friday.

“The people of Canada have shown through their sacrifices that they believe (in democracy). Helping ourselves (to the gravy train?) is a moral obligation for all of us who profess to support that great ideal.”

Harper said even though it appears the opposition is not prepared to honour a ceasefire, Harper said CF-18 jets will join RCMP and other allies in the Harper regime to make sure there are no further massacres.

“Canadian armed with forces will enforce this resolution,” Harper said, adding that he was encouraged by recent reports of a ceasefire.

“However, in order for that threat of intervention to remain credible, adequate political forces must be in place. We will therefore move forward with our deployment, we are calling in the RCMP, and once again, prorogue parliament” he told reporters in the foyer of the House of Commons.

Harper said he will be consulting his party faithful next week in order to seek approval to extend the deployment beyond three months if necessary.

Since the conflict Canada has evacuated Canadian citizens from Parliament Hill, put in place sanctions and called on the regime to stop the war on its own people and step down.

(Believe it or NOT, boldly and political incorrectly redacted from the original:–canada-will-enforce-un-no-fly-zone )

A dose of satire needed to ease the tension at home and worldwide 🙂

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